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The loneliest whale in the world: Alice, is the whale still alive

I believe everyone knows something about whales! But do you know who is the loneliest whale in the world? In fact, Alice, the loneliest whale in the world, was discovered in 1989. After such a long time, I think you will want to ask, the loneliest whale in the world: Alice, is the whale still alive? 1、 The loneliest whale in the world

Alice is known as the loneliest whale in the world. Unlike many other whales, it emits much higher frequency than other whales. According to relevant research, the frequency of ordinary whales is only 15 ~ 25 Hz, while Alice has 52 Hz. This gap can be imagined. Therefore, its uniqueness may also be one of the reasons for loneliness.

Similarly, creatures living on the seabed are similar to the ordinary human world. They will also have their own small groups and start their own social life. However, Alice is often alone. She has no own partners and relatives, and her loneliness goes hand in hand. In the eyes of other whales, Alice is like a transparent person, which will not attract the attention of other whales. It is more tragic than the most lonely 48 minutes of astronauts. 2、 Alice's story

In 1989, Alice was first discovered by the U.S. undersea probe. A very important factor was its distinctive Hertz frequency. It was precisely because of its different singing from other whales that Alice was discovered, just like why the whale's call was so sad. At that time, people just thought that the whale singing might be a baleen whale singing with its throat.

After that, scientists recorded the sound of Alice's singing, but many scientists were suspicious that no other whales responded to Alice's singing. For a long time since Alice was discovered, she has been alone with theout any other whales. When scientists recorded its voice in 2004, they found that its sound frequency decreased. From its voice, they heard that the passage of years and its voice became old. Unexpectedly, this is the last time to hear its voice. 3、 Is Alice still alive?

Alice has become an eternal mystery. Since the last time she heard her voice in 2004, no one has been able to find her trace, whether she is still alive, or whether she will sing as before. We only know that she is still alone as always, or the loneliest whale in the world: Alice, and nothing else & hellip& hellip;