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Millipedes are the most legged animals in the world, with 750 legs (only 3 cm long)

For humans, legs are used to walk, as are the animals around them, such as dogs, kittens, chickens and ducks. However, there are many wonders in the world. Some animals have scary legs. They can do anything with their legs! Next, Xiaobian will bring several animals with the most legs in the world. If you are interested, don't miss it. Oh ~ I. animals with the most legs in the world 1. Millipedes, 750 legs

In November 2012, scientists found an animal with many legs in California, USA. It is a millipede. It is only 3cm long, but it has 750 legs! Because no animal found by humans has more legs than it, this millipede is becoming more and more known as the animal with the most legs in the world.

According to scientific research, the millipede has up to 750 legs for females and 562 legs for males, while other species have only 80 to 100 legs. Experts say that the number of millipedes is very rare at present, because human developed buildings are gradually destroying the habitat of millipedes, that is to say, the animal with the most legs in the world may be completely extinct soon!

2. Centipede, 354 legs

The centipede has many legs, which we all know, but what you don't know is that before the emergence of the millipede, the animal with the most legs in the world was the centipede, which is the centipede in the picture. Its English name is himuntarum gabrielis. Its body is yellow and orange. It has 354 legs, which can grow to 8.7 inches long. Among them, females have more legs than males.

3. Spider, 8 legs

The animals above are basically inaccessible to us. If we have many legs and are easy to see, it must be spiders. Spiders may appear on the walls of homes or offices once people are not living for a long time. This kind of animal has eight legs. They walk with legs and form nets with legs. Their legs are the best weapon against prey..

4. Crab, 8 legs

In addition, when it comes to the animals with many legs that are easy to contact around us, crabs have to mention that they are delicious on our table. Crab has eight legs, which can not only walk, but also make it dig holes in the mud. The most important thing is that when human beings are delicious, they have more legs and more meat. It's really delicious!

Summary: in the complex nature, there are many animals with more legs. In fact, they constantly evolve more legs in order to survive. Of course, the animal with the most legs in the world is the millipede, which has 750 legs, but Xiaobian believes that there must be more animals with legs in a corner of the earth, which can only be expected to be discovered by experts~