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Dragonfly, the world's most eyed animal, has 56000 eyes (catching insects)

People have two eyes, and the animals around them have only two eyes, which gives people an illusion: animals have only two eyes. But this is obviously wrong, because some animals have thousands of eyes! Listen, can't you imagine? Next, let's go with Xiaobian to see the animals with the most eyes in the world. There are 56000 Dragonfly eyes

Many people should have heard about the compound eyes of insects, but they certainly don't know much. It is said that each compound eye is closely arranged and combined by thousands of small hexagonal eyes. All the animals with the largest eyes in the world are naturally insects, and it is a very common dragonfly in life!

According to Xiaobian's inquiry, the compound eyes of dragonflies are the largest and largest in the insect world, accounting for 2 / 3 of the whole head. According to scientific detection, the two large compound eyes of dragonflies are composed of 1000-28000 small eyes, so the maximum number of dragonfly eyes can reach 56000, which is 10 times that of ordinary insects!

2. Catch insects in a hundred ways

As the animal with the largest number of eyes in the world, dragonflies not only have many eyes, but also each eye has its own system. They have refractive system and sensory cells, so they all have vision. This also causes the dragonfly to have amazing eyesight: the upper part looks at the distance and the lower part looks at the near. This vision also allows dragonflies to catch insects in the air with ease and never fail.

3. The weakness of dragonflies with many eyes

It is worth mentioning that dragonflies not only have many eyes, but also can rotate freely with their neck (most insect eyes can't move), so dragonflies can look forward and backward and look around, but humans can also catch them by taking advantage of this characteristic of dragonflies.

Dragonfly weakness: after seeing the dragonfly, walk carefully in front of it, and then you quickly shake it on the top of its eyes. Because there are too many eyes, the dragonfly is dazzled at this time, and you can easily catch it. This is also the weakness of dragonfly with many eyes.

4. Insects have many eyes

In fact, excluding dragonflies, the animals with the largest eyes in the world are also insects, such as bees, fireflies, beetles, mosquitoes, moths, houseflies, etc. they all have many eyes, of which houseflies have significant compound eyes, which are composed of about 4000 small eyes.

Summary: after reading the full text, you should have a deeper understanding of the animal with the most eyes in the world! I didn't expect that an insect that can see every day should have so many eyes. I'll see you for a long time! However, dragonflies have many eyes and obvious weaknesses, which is probably why everything has shortcomings in beauty!