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Which brand of 2020 drum washing machine is the best? Top ten list of drum washing machines in 2020

Drum washing machine is one of the necessary household appliances for every household. It is especially convenient to wash clothes. So, at the time of purchase, which brand of 2020 drum washing machine is the best? Today, lists the top ten roller washing machines in 2020. Let's have a look!

Top ten drum washing machines in 2020

1. Haier

2. Little Swan

3. Midea

4. Siemens


6. Whirlpool

7. Skyworth

8. Hisense

8. Kasati

9. Commander in chief

10. Konka

1、 Haier

Cost performance option: eg10014b39gu1

Reason: Haier's capacity is awesome, ten kilograms. Moreover, the washing machine is super silent and has no noise at all. The 10kg class can meet all the washing needs of the family, save water and wash clean. In particular, it has the non ironing function and the middle clothes adding function. In addition, the reservation function is also very practical and convenient. The overall cost performance is particularly high!

2、 Little Swan

Cost performance option: tg100v20wdg

Reason: The Little Swan washes quickly for 15 minutes, and the washing is also very clean. The sterilization effect is also very good, and the capacity is especially suitable for a family of five. The washing effect is good. The mute effect is very good when washing. The sound is very light and can hardly be heard. Support half-way clothing, power-off protection and memory function, especially in use; There are steps on the washing machine!

3、 Beautiful

Cost performance option: mg100v11d

Reason: this model is great in appearance and cleaning power. It has a large capacity and is washed very clean. The clothes are basically free of wrinkles and entanglement. It also has a timing function. It is very energy-saving. The touch screen is also very sensitive. It can fully meet the needs of the family. It has powerful functions. The use of knob type is very fashionable and there are many functional options. The touch screen buttons are also very sensitive.

4、 Siemens

Cost performance option: wm12p2692w

Reason: the Siemens model is very good. It is very good in appearance, running sound, operation and other aspects! It has complete functions, the computer display board is particularly good, and the operation is simple. It saves water than the old vertical wave wheel washing machine, has little dehydration sound, good operation stability, and high-temperature self-cleaning mode. Sterilization is very easy to use!

5、 TCL

Cost performance option: xqg80-p300b

Reason: TCL full frequency automatic drum washing machine has complete functions, large capacity and a variety of washing modes. Any choice, the temperature can be adjusted by yourself, and the speed can be selected according to the material of the clothes, so as not to damage the clothes. It can wash clothes quickly in 19 minutes. Large capacity, which can meet the daily use of ordinary families.