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Which turtle is better for beginners? Top ten most valuable turtles

Now it is more popular to raise turtles. Many little girls will raise some small turtles. They are particularly cute. Turtles are a kind of animal that is easy to feed and will not give the owner a headache. It is said that turtles also have the meaning of Xingding getting rich. There are many kinds of turtles in the market. Which turtles are better to feed? Let's take a look at the top ten most worthy turtles. One of the top ten most worthy turtles is the grass turtle. The grass turtle is a kind of turtle that is not easy to get sick and is deeply loved by many people. It should be noted that if you change the water and supplement nutrition to the turtle, you can live for many years. This small pet turtle is still cute.

2、 Brazilian turtle Brazilian turtle is a common turtle, also known as red eared turtle. The life span is about 20 years. Because it is not a native species, it can not be released. It is one of the top ten tortoises worth raising.

3、 Burmese tortoise Burmese tortoise is a small tortoise suitable for stocking at home. It is omnivorous and not easy to get sick. Only need to feed some vegetables, you can occasionally feed some animal food. The only disadvantage of this turtle is that it is afraid of cold, so the temperature at home can't be too low.

4、 Yellow head side neck turtle yellow head side neck turtle is a pet turtle. It lives in water and is also called cute turtle. It likes to eat some vegetarian food. It's better to feed some vegetables every day.

5、 Brocade turtle brocade turtle is a kind of beautiful pet turtle. Its back armor is very beautiful. When raising, he will interact with his master. He is a shy turtle.

6、 Mississippi map turtle Mississippi map turtle is a lively turtle, growing slowly. Among the top ten most worthy turtles, this kind of turtle should pay attention to the water quality and can feed some animal feed.

7、 Golden money turtle golden money turtle is a kind of turtle that likes to live in groups. It hibernates in winter. Wild golden money turtles are rare and sell well in the international market. This turtle has strong disease resistance and hunger resistance. The golden Qian turtle has high medicinal value and is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine.

8、 Flame turtle flame turtle has black skin, red and yellow stripes on its limbs and tail, and yellow stripes on its head. It is suitable to be raised in a glass box with high ornamental value. A few families in China will also raise this kind of little turtle.

9、 Egg turtle egg turtle shape is more unique, the back armor is oval, but also relatively smooth. This turtle looks like an egg from above. So the owners who raised this kind of turtle named it egg turtle.

10、 Dead leaf turtle the shell of dead leaf turtle resembles dead leaves, so it is called dead leaf turtle. It has a hard shell. If attacked, the head will retract into the turtle shell. Turtles who generally live in shallow water and can breathe through the water with their nose. They have strong discomfort ability.