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The reading order of Jin Yong's novels teaches you how to treat Jin Yong (the historical order of Ji

As a representative figure of martial arts novels, Jin Yong's works make people eager to read. The chronological order of Jin Yong's novels is not necessarily the reading order. After all, Jin Yong did not have a good writing style from the beginning. The following is the order of reading Jin Yong's novels and how to read Jin Yong (with the historical order of Jin Yong's Novels). Reading order of Jin Yong's Novels

If it's the first time to read it, it's best to read it in the chronological order of Jin Yong's novels. For example, the book of gratitude and hatred of calligraphy and sword has just started, and it has a green and astringent place; If you read "Lu Ding Ji" first, it must be difficult for other martial arts novels to catch the eye. Or read only the famous works: shooting and carving trilogy, eight heavenly dragons, Xiaoao Jianghu and Luding. Take the Lian Cheng Jue with you, it's almost the same. Reading order of Jin Yong's novels 1. Shooting carving - Divine carving - relying on heaven, with Tianlong (because Jianghu gangs and martial arts systems are very close, the age is before shooting carving)

2. Book sword - flying fox - Snow Mountain (clue characters come down in one continuous line)

After reading the biography of flying fox, read the snow mountain flying fox. The story of Lao Tzu and his son can't be reversed, you know;

3. Two relatively independent long novels, Xiaoao Jianghu and Luding

4. Obviously, it is not as good as the long story, but it is still better than the blue blood sword, Liancheng Jue and Xiake Xing in those short and medium stories

5. It's OK to see it or not, just because it's the mandarin duck Dao, white horse and yuenv sword in Jin Yong's works. Of course, the reading order of Jin Yong's novels can also be read as follows. First reading: Xiaoao Jianghu

Reread: Liancheng Jue

Third reading: the story of relying on heaven and slaughtering Dragons

Fourth reading: Book and sword records of gratitude and hatred, biography of flying fox (the two are unexpectedly connected in time), white horse roaring west wind

Fifth reading: biography of Shooting Heroes, Eagle Heroes

Sixth reading: Flying Fox in snow mountain, blue blood sword

Seventh reading: Lu Ding Ji

Eighth reading: the fragmentary postscript of yuenvjian, Xiakexing, Yuanyang Dao and other literary works can be clicked to view the collection of Jin Yong's novels. The download link of Jin Yong's novels is attached to download the complete collection of Jin Yong's novels.

Historical sequence of Jin Yong's novels I. spring and Autumn period 1. Yue NV Jian: the first leaf of the fifth century BC

2、 Late Northern Song Dynasty

2. Tianlong Babu: around 1094 A.D

3、 Middle and late Southern Song Dynasty

3. Biography of heroes of shooting and carving: 1206-1227 ad (Guo's mother conceived and died of Tiemuzhen)

4. Eagle Heroes: A.D. 1239-1260 (Yang Guo came to mengge to return to heaven)

4、 Late Yuan Dynasty

5. The story of relying on heaven to kill Dragons: 1337-1360 ad (Zhang Sanfeng is 90 years old to Zhang Wuji is 22 years old)

5、 Ming Dynasty

6. Xiaoao Jianghu: it is estimated to be the middle of the Ming Dynasty

Because there is Wudang sect, and the official positions in the book are from the Ming Dynasty, and the men in the illustrations in the book have no braids and are still young

In the story of the deer tripod, my nephew, teacher Chengguan, once thought of 'in the previous dynasty, there was a great Xia Linghu Chong who won with no moves',

That's naturally the Ming Dynasty

7. Xiake Xing: Ming Dynasty

Because there is Wudang sect, and there seems to be no ethnic contradictions in the book, and the men in the illustrations in the book have no braids

8. Blue blood sword: 1634-1644 (yuan Chengzhi was 10 to 20 years old)

6、 Qing Dynasty

9. Lu Ding Ji: 1670-1689 A.D

When aobai died, history books recorded that in 1670, trinket retired after signing the Treaty of Nebuchadnezzar, which was 1689

10. Book and sword: around 1756

Because in the biography of flying fox, Zhao Banshan once told little Hu Fei that Fu Kangan was caught by the safflower club ten years ago

11. Biography of flying fox: 1766-1770 A.D

According to the calculation of flying fox on snow mountain, Hu Fei is 13 to 17 years old

12. Flying fox on snow mountain: March 15, 1780 (lunar calendar)

The book begins with 'this is March 15, the 45th year of Qianlong'

13. Yuanyang Dao: Qing Dynasty

The penultimate paragraph of the book says, "the Manchu Qing emperor heard that there was a great secret that could be invincible in the world". Naturally, it was the Qing Dynasty

14. Liancheng Jue: Qing Dynasty

This doesn't make much sense, because the men in the illustrations in the book all have braids, which is authorized by Jin Yong

Official positions and place names can also be seen as the Qing Dynasty

15. White horse roaring west wind: Qing Dynasty

The reason is the same as before. The man in the illustration in the book has braids

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