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Top Ten Dance tourist attractions in the world

Now let's introduce the top 10 dance resorts in the world? Let's study together! 1. Tango Dance in Buenos Aires, Argentina

tango was born among the working class in Buenos Aires in the late 19th century, then spread to the upper class society and finally to the world. Nowadays, the romantic Buenos Aires is the best place to enjoy and learn Argentine Tango dance. 2. Flamenco in Seville, Spain

even those who have never been to Spain are familiar with Spanish red and black pleated skirts, high heels and the gypsy rhythm of framanco dance. The dance is also a mysterious dance. The earliest record appeared in 1774. Framanco began as a mixture of gypsy music and Moorish rhythm, which was introduced into Spain with immigrants from North Africa. Today, the framanco biennial festival is held every two years. This year, it will be held in Seville from September 12 to October 5. 3. Salsa in Havana, Cuba

in the middle of the 20th century, it originated from the dance hall of casino exportivo. The salsa dance in Cuba has become an inherent part of Cuban culture. The dance is characterized by flirting between men and women, gorgeous spontaneous movement, and obvious black Spanish beat. It is very exciting whether to enjoy or dance in person. 4. Belly dance in San Francisco

although belly dance originated in the Middle East, its main teaching center is in the United States, and the name 'belly dance' is named in the United States. 5. Capoeira in Salvador, Brazil

capoville is one of the most amazing dances in the world, combining fighting, dancing and acrobatic movements. It is said that the dance originated from the self-defense of slaves, which was prohibited by farmers, so they had to disguise it with dance. 6. Dance in Bollywood, India

with gorgeous costumes, special effects and unique charm, dance has always been the core of Bollywood film industry. Based on the elements of traditional Indian dance, bollywood dance, like Bollywood films, has joined western pop culture. 7. Tverking in New York, USA

it can be said that now electric hip dance has gone to the world. The British hip dance competition opened in London on August 14, but if you miss the feast, I suggest you go to New York. Because New York is a concentration camp for all kinds of hip-hop dance, and it also set a record for the highest number of hip dancers at the same time. 8. Set dance and ceili dance in Dublin, Ireland

C & eacute; in Ireland; ilí Dance is a dance performed by 2 to 16 people, while set dance is a dance performed by four pairs of people standing in a square. The style of Irish dance is very rigid. The arms are handed over to others and can only be stepped by feet. It is said that this evolved from popular table dancing from the 18th century to the early 19th century. 9. Ballroom dance in Vienna, Austria

it's best to dance formal and elegant social dance in a special place, and Vienna is such a good place. Every winter, more than 400 dances are held in Vienna to welcome nearly 300000 tourists from all over the world who like to dance social dance. 10. Apsara dance in Cambodia

in Indian and Buddhist mythology, the flying fairy represents cloud and water and is a symbol of female spirit. Fairy Dance is one of the highly stylized classical Khmer dance, which originated in the court. If you are in Cambodia and want to see the performance of local traditional dance, you are most likely to see Fairy Dance.