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The world's fertilizer producers are among the top ten fertilizer companies in the world

1. Canadian potash fertilizer

Potash Corp. is the world's largest fertilizer company. The company mainly produces potash fertilizer, accounting for more than 60% of the total output of potash fertilizer. Canadian potash has many mines and facilities in the United States.

2. Meisheng

Mosaic is a fertilizer company mainly producing potassium salt and phosphate fertilizer, headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota. The company's main goal is to help farmers around the world increase production. Combine the sales and production of potash and phosphate. Customers include retail dealers, wholesalers and individual growers in more than 40 countries. Masson employs about 9000 employees in 8 countries with an annual revenue of US $175.7 million.

3. Ural potash company

Ural potash fertilizer

Uralkali focuses on the export and production of potash. Ural potash produces granular and standard potassium chloride and provides it to about 60 countries / regions. The main markets include India, Brazil, Southeast Asia, China, Europe, Russia and the United States. In 2016, the company produced 10.8 million tons of potash fertilizer. The total mineral reserves of Ural potash fertilizer company are about 8.2 billion tons.


Belaruskali focuses on the production of potash fertilizer and exports potash fertilizer to more than 70 countries around the world, accounting for 1 / 7 of the total global supply.


Yara is a company specializing in the fertilizer business. The company's products mainly focus on increasing grain and agricultural production. Yara's main nitrogen fertilizer production is closely related to grain production and agricultural productivity, including the production of ammonia, urea, nitrate and other nitrogen based chemicals.