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Ranking of American real estate companies this year

1. American tower company

American Tower Corporation is an American wireless network and broadcast tower provider with operations on five continents. In the second quarter, the revenue of American tower company increased by 7.1% to $1.781 billion, and the real estate revenue increased by 6.8% to $1.749 billion.

2. Simon real estate group

Retail real estate business Simon Property Group disclosed its plan to rebuild former Sears stores in five major locations, so as to continue to expand its business in the United States to meet customer needs. Simon real estate group is a leader in the ownership of major shopping, catering, entertainment and comprehensive purpose destinations. In terms of stock market value, it is the largest real estate investment trust in the world. Simon real estate group S & P 100 Index constituent stocks, with assets of more than US $31 million and a market value of US $49.52 billion.

3. Alani capital management

The largest U.S. mortgage real estate investment trust by market value is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Annaly capital management aims to generate net income for distribution to shareholders and retain capital while continuing to diversify its business model. Alani capital management has assets of US $101.8 billion, announced the plan to acquire mtge Investment Corp for us $900 million, increased its credit capital from 24% in early 2018 to 28%, and increased its credit investment by US $1.1 billion.

4. Ambo

ProLogis is a global leader in logistics real estate, with businesses in the United States, Europe and Asia, 3278 buildings and $81 billion in assets under management. Ambo cooperates with world-class manufacturing and distribution companies with a market value of US $34.84 billion.

5. Huihao company

Weyerhaeuser is one of the largest sustainable forest products companies in the world, with sales of nearly $8 billion. It opened a new headquarters in Seattle in 2016 to maintain the leading position of wood, land and forest products in the United States. Forbes previously reported that Huihao's net profit increased by 18% in the second quarter to $694 million.