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What causes pica? Continue to swallow non food substances and even eat light bulbs

Pica refers to the special habit of often swallowing all kinds of non nutrients, such as soil, paper scraps, cinders, light bulbs, etc. at present, the main cause is not very clear. It may be due to psychological problems, zinc deficiency, anemia and other factors, resulting in uncontrollable interest in chewing foreign bodies. Let's follow this website! What is pica?

As early as the 13th century, there were records of pica in the literature. People with this disease will continue to swallow various substances that are not needed for nutrition. For example, people who eat mud in Sichuan can't quit after 50 years, just like drugs. It may be caused by complex reasons such as abnormal taste or metabolism. Some people even eat light bulbs. For example, the most wonderful people in the world eat 1500 light bulbs in 43 years.

David, an old woman in India, once ate sand for 80 consecutive years, one kilogram a day, but her health was not affected at all. She never stopped eating sand since she bet with her friends to eat sand at the age of 10. A woman in Pennsylvania needs to suck 1892 ml of human blood every month. This habit has lasted for 30 years. A mother in Britain was also fascinated by the way of eating sand with sponge during pregnancy. She needed 20 sponges a day, but her child was very healthy at birth. What causes pica?

1. Psychological problems: sometimes people have pica when they are under too much pressure or depressed. For example, a 19-year-old girl in Florida once needed to eat a lot of sponge soap every week to satisfy her craving because of the great pressure caused by lovelorn, and then began to contact a psychologist and suspend school for treatment.

2. Zinc deficiency or anemia: in the process of food intake, infants often have some special hobbies. Although the root cause of this disease is not clear clinically, it is found that many children with zinc deficiency or iron deficiency anemia suffer from pica, which will disappear after zinc or iron supplementation.

Because zinc is the main substance to promote the secretion of taste hormone, zinc deficiency will lead to the easy fall off of oral epithelium, block taste buds, and lead to taste failure when eating, resulting in loss of appetite, or serious anorexia, anorexia, etc. Generally, as long as you take Xinxibao tablets, you can have a certain improvement effect.

3. Suffering from a parasitic disease: Rebecca, who has been lonely for a hundred years, can't stop eating soil because of parasites. Therefore, many people with parasites or Ascaris also have symptoms of swallowing wall skin and soil, which are generally characterized by sallow complexion, poor appetite, abdominal distension and abdominal pain.

Although pica is a strange disease in the world, we believe that with the continuous development of science and the efforts of medical experts, we will be able to find the real cause of the disease.