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Calculate the ranking of the world's top ten famous mountains. Let's see what they have

Our living environment is full of beautiful rivers and mountains and beautiful scenery. There are many towering peaks in the world, and many peaks in our country are on the list. Today, Xiaobian sorted out the top ten peaks in the world. Let's see what they have.?

1. Himalayas?

This is the first mountain to enter the list in China. It is located in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau in the west of China. This mountain is not only tall and majestic, but also has more than 100 peaks with an altitude of more than 7000 meters.?

2. Kunlun mountain?

As a member of the tall mountains in Central Asia, it has its own unique fairy tales. It is located in the west of China and has many good names.?

3. Andes?

This is the longest mountain system in the world, with a total length of about 9000 meters. It is located in the west of South America and stretches from south to north, just like a huge protective barrier.?

4. Alps?

As the fourth famous mountain in the world, it is located in Europe and at the junction of the three countries, with an average altitude of 3000 meters.?

5. Rocky mountain?

As the backbone of Cordillera mountain system in North America, it has the title of "backbone". The whole mountain range is tall and continuous, with many small branches. But it has its own shortcomings. Unlike other peaks, the whole mountain range lacks plants.?

6. Mount Gangdise?

This is a mountain range located in Southwest China. It has the title of the axis of the world. It forms a parallel shape with the No. 1 mountain range in the world. The highest mountain has exceeded 7000 meters.?

7. Tianshan?

Located in China, it is one of the top seven mountains in the world. It is also the largest group of independent zonal mountains in the world. At the same time, it is also located in the arid areas of the world and the farthest away from the ocean in the world.?

8. Mount Everest?

Speaking of this mountain, it can be said that no one will not know. It is the highest mountain in the world and the highest mountain in China. It is not too much to take it as a business card for China to face the world. Looking at it from bottom to top, it can be said that it goes straight into the sky and can't see the top.?

9. Tanggula Mountain?

As the birthplace of famous rivers in China, it is up to 6000 meters.?

10. Mount Kilimanjaro?

This is a mountain range in the tropics, located in Africa, with the reputation of "African ridge".