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Where to play during the summer vacation? Best tourist destination from July to August

July to August is the hottest time in China. Most places in China are very hot from July to August. Some places have to use air conditioning every day. They can't stand not using air conditioning. But July to August is the summer vacation. Many people want to go out and play at this time. Xiaobian has sorted out the best tourist destination from July to August for everyone. Moreover, the weather in those places is cool and they are great summer resorts.?

1. Lhasa?

It is estimated that many friends have been to this city. Some people say that they will have no regrets if they have been to Lhasa all their life. If you haven't been to Lhasa, take advantage of this summer vacation. In the summer vacation, you don't have to worry about the heat at all, because there is only cool and no heat in July and August.?

2. Hulunbuir?

This is a yearning prairie. Hulunbuir in summer is very beautiful, and there is a breeze at any time, which makes people very relaxed.?

3. Qinghai Lake?

In July and August, the lake is full of flowers. You can see snow mountains, lakes and flowers, which makes you linger and forget to return.?

4. Changbai Mountain?

If you don't know where to go in the summer vacation, go to Changbai Mountain. The temperature there is very good, neither hot nor cold, and you can enjoy waterfalls, forest sea and other scenery.?

5. Chaka Salt Lake?

This place is a very hot tourist destination in recent years. The whole Salt Lake is like a white mirror. It is very beautiful.?

6. Ili?

For many people, Ili is a place full of mystery, especially in July and August. The temperature here is suitable and the scenery is very beautiful.?

7. Jiuzhaigou?

I heard a song "magical Jiuzhaigou" when I was a child. Up to now, Xiaobian is full of longing for it. It is said that July and August is the most beautiful time, and the forest is the greenest and most vibrant time.?

8. Chengde?

Every hot summer, many people are thinking about where to go for summer vacation. If you haven't chosen it, go to Chengde, because there are the best summer resort in the country.

? 9. Kanas?

In July and August, the highest temperature in this place is only 25 degrees. Flowers are everywhere near the lake. It will make you feel like an artist.?

10. Shangri la?

There's no need to talk about how beautiful it is here. Compared with many little friends, they have been there. If you haven't decided where to travel during the summer vacation, choose Shangri La.