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Which of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world surprises you

The beaches that can be listed on the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world have their own advantages. For example, the second rabbit beach is characterized by a large number of turtles and dolphins. Friends who like these two animals can go to rabbit beach to play, which will make you linger.

Top1: grandiansi beach, ladig Island (Republic of Seychelles) is easy to forget because it is not only extremely quiet, but also difficult to reach. Nevertheless, we can't hide the charm here. Grandiansi beach on ladig island is an original ecological beach. Everything here is full of original ecological atmosphere. If you are a surfer, don't hesitate. You won't be disappointed here.

Top2: Rabbit beach, Lampedusa Island (Italy), with dazzling white cliffs and fluorescent blue water. The temperature is too high. Some people may not think it is one of the most beautiful beaches, but here it is. Because it is a gathering place for turtles and dolphins, animal lovers should not miss it.

Top3: Grace Bay, Providenciales Island (British Caribbean) you just need to listen to the name of the beach to feel the excitement here. Plover island has always been famous for many tourists because it does have the best beach in the world, which can also be said to be the third most beautiful beach in the world. On the coastline, the protruding coral reefs provide an excellent habitat for marine animals. Therefore, from time to time, marine organisms basking in the sun on the beach can be seen here.

Top 4: de Ajan beach, Lagos island of Seychelles (Republic of Seychelles) is located on the third largest island of Seychelles. With satin beaches and white and red pink sand, it has become the most suitable beach for photography in the world. A reef covers the sea to keep it calm and provide the best diving place for diving enthusiasts.

Top5: anside Grande salt flats, St? Bath (Germany) although it is forbidden to bathe in the sun naked, there is no doubt that it is one of the islands in the liward islands that attract tourists who love the natural scenery. You can take pictures in various shapes with the sea breeze, and you will never be disappointed.

Top6: cabbage beach, the untimely name of paradise island of the Bahamas (Bahamas, North Atlantic) can't destroy this flawless strip beach. The couch, umbrella, bracelet and jet water motorboat sold here may make you feel noisy, but please continue to go east, and you will feel like you have crossed into another world, It's quiet. You can only hear the sound of the waves beating on the reef. Your heart will calm down with it and feel the magic of nature.

Top7: wineglass Bay, Tasmania (Australia) white beaches, pink granite rocks and green peaks together form the most attractive coastal landscape in Tasmania. It is also part of the Fresnel National Park. You can hike, dive, row or take a canoe to enrich your trip, or lie quietly on the beach without thinking about anything and enjoy the intoxicating scenery.

Top8: madira beach, borabora Bora Island, (French bohenicia) it's like the famous actress Gwyneth? Like Paltrow, perfect and impeccable. Bora Bora Island is dominated by tourists. There are soft beaches, warm sea water and luxury resorts. But the most beautiful beach, madira beach, you will feel the charm here without too much language description.

Top 9: Champagne beach, Vanuatu (South Pacific region), the champagne beach in Vanuatu on the South Pacific island, is the happiest place on earth in the happy planet index a few years ago. Imagine if the beach is so attractive, not to mention the residents?

Top10: beautiful white sand, volcanic rocks and blue-green sea water can be seen on the beach of the Cagayan River Valley (Philippines) on balayu island. Under the sea water, you can witness the Coral Garden and rich marine life reserves, and watch marine life at a close distance. There are no luxury resorts and hotels here, but you can set up tents under the stars, or live in the homes of local residents and feel the local customs.

After reading the above carefully, the friends should have a more comprehensive understanding of the relevant knowledge of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world. These beaches have a particularly beautiful environment and are a good place to decompress and relax.