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The top ten ski resorts in China let you enjoy the scenery

Skiing is a very popular sport, and you can enjoy the different beauty of the snow while skiing. Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about the list of China's top ten ski resorts.

No.1 of China's top ten ski resorts, recommendation index of Changbai Mountain Ski Resort: ★★★★

The ski resort with the coexistence of hot spring and snow resort is based on the 16 peaks of Changbai Mountain in Jilin. There are Tianchi and Erdaobai River in the south, Yuanchi in the East and underground forest in the north. The snow resort is 1640-1820 meters above the sea level. The snow quality here is very close to the snow in France and northern Italy. The natural conditions of the snow resort are very good and the scenery is beautiful.

Tips: skiing, soaking in hot springs and enjoying natural scenery

No.2 of China's top ten ski resorts, recommended index of Jilin Beidahu ski resort: ★★★★

Beidahu ski resort has unique natural advantages. The hillside is gentle and there are few steep cliffs. The main peak is 1408.8 meters above sea level, and there are 9 peaks with an altitude of more than 1200 meters. Because the whole area is surrounded by mountains on three sides, the winter wind is small, sometimes similar to quiet wind, and the climate is more suitable, Beida lake ski resort can fully meet the snow projects such as alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, freestyle skiing, modern biathlon, snowmobile, sledge and so on.

Tips: skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing.

No.3 of the top ten ski resorts in China, recommendation index of Erlong mountain ski resort: ★★★★

Harbin Erlongshan ski resort has perfect tourism service facilities. It is an ideal place for junior middle school ski lovers. Ski lovers can enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature in the snow and ice world wrapped in silver makeup. With a total length of 1200 meters and a drop of 41 meters, it is composed of 15 curves. It is a good place for skiing.

Tips: enjoy snow and ski

No.4 of China's top ten ski resorts, Yabuli tourist resort Recommendation Index: ★★★

There are 11 alpine ski trails in Yabuli, Heilongjiang. With a total length of 27 kilometers and a snow track area of 400000 square meters. The minimum average gradient is 3 degrees and the maximum average gradient is 18 degrees. It is suitable for beginners, middle and senior skiers respectively. The primary ski track is illuminated and can ski at night. There are 3 chair cableways and 2 traction cableways, which are imported equipment and operate stably. The daytime temperature in Yabuli is about - 20 ℃. The snow quality is granular snow, the snow period is 170 days, and the snow condition is very good.

Tips: enjoy snow and natural scenery

No.5 of China's top ten ski resorts, Yulong Snow Mountain Ski Resort Recommendation Index: ★★★

Yunnan Yulong Snow farm is 4500-4700 meters above sea level. It has snow in all seasons. It is 1000 meters long from east to west and 600 meters wide from north to south. It is suitable for skiing in all seasons. The warm climate and the annual snow period of 8 months (November to June of the next year) are the most in China and even the world. It is the closest and "warmest" natural alpine ski resort to the earth's equator.

Tips: enjoy snow and natural scenery

No.6 of China's top ten ski resorts, recommendation index of Yueliangwan ski resort: ★★★

Yueliangwan ski resort echoes the newly built "ice and snow world". It is adjacent to the sun island snow sculpture park in the East and the Northeast Tiger Forest Park in the north. It has become a hotline for winter tourism in Harbin to enjoy ice lanterns, watch winter swimming, visit the ice and snow world, watch snow sculptures, watch Northeast tigers, and then go skiing in Yueliangwan ski resort.

Tips: skiing, ice lanterns, winter swimming, snow sculpture and Amur tiger

No.7 of China's top ten ski resorts, cool index of Shennongjia ski resort: ★★★

Shennongjia tourist ski resort is located at the 2000 meter high Shennongjia jiuhuping. It is a tourist ski resort in southern China. It is equipped with primary and intermediate tourist ski downhill ski trails with a slope of 5 to 15 degrees. It is equipped with a towed cableway. It flies down through the forest in the shape of "s" from the top of the mountain. It is safe and fun.

Tips: skiing and fun

No.8 of China's top ten ski resorts, Jingyuetan ski resort Recommendation Index: ★★★★

Different from many ski resorts, it is a "ski resort in the city". Different from the city, it has lakes and mountains and fresh air. In winter, Changchun Jingyuetan ski resort is wrapped in silver, snow reflects green pines, thousands of miles of ice and thousands of miles of snow. When you are on the scene, you will appreciate the real scenery of northern China and find the real taste of winter.

Tips: enjoy natural scenery, snow reflecting green pines and skiing

No.9 of China's top ten ski resorts, recommendation index of Aershan ski resort: ★★★★

Mongolian Aershan ski resort is located in the mountains and forests, on both sides of the urban area of Wenquan street in Aershan city. It is a high-standard ski resort with first-class level in China and one of the best ski resorts built in China. Aershan ski resort consists of two parts: competition training ground and ski entertainment ground.

Tips: Skiing

No.10 of China's top ten ski resorts, recommendation index of Saibei ski resort: ★★★★

The first phase project of Hebei Saibei ski resort has opened up a number of ski trails suitable for different ski levels at the beginning, middle and senior levels, with a total length of nearly 7000 meters. In addition, there are also children's ski areas, light ski areas, ski jumping areas, large scene ski areas, ski circle tracks, sled tracks, cross-country ski tracks, etc.

The above is the relevant information on the list of China's top ten ski resorts compiled by Xiaobian for you. After reading it, can't wait to experience the fun of skiing in the ski holy land?