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What is Yangzhou specialty - Yangzhou specialty is an easy gift

Yangzhou is a famous city with a long history and culture. When you come here, you can feel the cultural and artistic heritage contained in the city, mountains and rivers, clouds and water, and people live in harmony with nature. Next, follow the lovely Xiaobian to check the Yangzhou specialties that are very characteristic and easy to carry.

1. Melaleuca oil 2113 cake

Qianceng oil cake is a famous 5261 traditional snack in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is soft, sweet and tender 4102 and has clear layers. Diamond block, 1653 Hibiscus color, translucent. The cake is divided into 64 layers, with layers of sugar and oil. The cake surface is covered with red and green silk, which is fresh and pleasing to the eye and soft, tender and sweet to eat.

2. Jade roaster

Jadeite burning and selling is a traditional local famous spot in Jiangsu Province, initiated by Chen Buyun, founder of Yangzhou Fuchun tea house“ To be sweet, first put salt. "Put salt to make it fresh and sweet, which can maintain chlorophyll. This is one of the double wonders of Yangzhou dim sum. The skin is thin, the filling is green, the color is like emerald, the sugar and oil are full of mouth, sweet and fragrant.

3. Qin Youdong sugar

Qinyou Dongtang, also known as crisp sugar, is a traditional famous spot in Gaoyou, Jiangsu Province, with a history of more than 600 years. It is the preferred gift for Jiayou on New Year's day, Spring Festival and other festivals, but the product has a certain seasonality and is not suitable for storage and transportation in areas with high temperature or seasons.

4. Jieshou dried tea

Gaoyou Jieshou dried tea is a traditional snack in Jieshou Town, Gaoyou District, Jiangsu Province. Chenxilou spiced dried tea is flat and round, red in color, tender and yellow in meat, quite like chicken breast. It tastes delicious and delicious. In 2014, Jieshou dried tea was listed as a national geographic indication product.

5. Gaoyou double yellow duck egg

Gaoyou double yellow duck egg is a specialty of Gaoyou and one of the local traditional dishes. Gaoyou area is rich in Gaoyou duck (also known as Gaoyou duck, which is one of the three famous ducks in China). It has many eggs, large egg head and large proportion of egg yolk, especially famous at home and abroad for its good production of double yellow eggs.

6. Yizheng green Yangchun tea

Yizheng LvYangChun is a famous traditional Chinese tea, which is characterized by "green soup and mellow taste". Objectively speaking, the quality of Yangzhou famous tea "LvYangChun" is not inferior to that of other famous teas such as West Lake Longjing and Suzhou Biluochun.

7. Kraft sugar

Brown sugar is one of the traditional famous points in Yangzhou, known as a unique in Yangzhou. Kraft sugar tastes sweet, the outer layer of sesame is uniform, the section is brown and bright, translucent, elastic, fragrant, chewy and non sticky, and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad.