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Including cliff trails around the world, there are three places in China on the list, each of which

We all know that there are many amazing scenery in nature, and the cliff is also one of them. Many people yearn for and love the cliff very much. They can really experience their unique feelings on the cliff. Next, Xiaobian will introduce you to the ranking list of cliff trails all over the world!?

1. King Malaga trail in Spain?

This trail is known as the most dangerous trail in the world. It is located on the 100 meter high cliff wall and is only 1 meter wide. It takes at least half an hour to walk the whole trail! Many people faint halfway!?

2. Newport cliff trail?

From the appearance, it doesn't seem so terrible, but this place is surrounded by all kinds of poisonous ivy, and the steep slopes and cliffs are covered with shrubs, with a very high risk factor!?

3. Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain glass plank road?

This is a very famous trail in China and in the world. It has the title of sky road, especially the fully transparent glass trail, which can frighten everyone!?

4. China Jiankou Great Wall?

This place is a section of the Great Wall. Its altitude has reached 1141 meters, and the changes of mountains are very different. It is the most dangerous section of the Great Wall!?

5. Irish mountain single trail?

The reason why it is also selected is that the width of this trail is extremely narrow and can only be passed by one person. If you slip, you may fall into the sea of more than 600 meters!

6. Cape Huo, Puerto Rico?

Although it doesn't seem dangerous, the white lime on the edge of the cliff is very fragile and easy to be brittle, so it is likely to be transferred into the sea!?

7. Karola trail in Hawaii?

The coastal scenery here attracts a lot of tourists, especially volcanic rocks and waterfalls! If you really want to travel here, you must pay attention to safety!?

8. Huashan Changkong plank road?

Huashan Changkong plank road is very famous at home and abroad. Many people seem to come here for exploration, but the wanzhang cliff behind is really scary!?

9. Moher cliff, Ireland?

This is under the cliff with the highest altitude in Europe. Below it is the endless Atlantic Ocean. Next to it is a rock cliff with sawtooth like monsters. It looks very exciting!

10. Norwegian trail stone?

It is all natural, with an altitude of about 625 meters. There is a very dangerous fjord below. Many tourists enjoy it on their stomach!