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Venice is one of the ten most beautiful cities in the world

The following is the list of the world's top ten most beautiful cities in 2017. The number of cities in the world is huge. Each city is different in culture, age, population, population, beauty and specialty. These cities are the most elegant and pleasant places you can visit. If you are an adventurous person, the destination city you are looking for is happy, but also has man-made and natural beauty. Budapest is in Europe, Florence in Italy, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Paris in France, Belgium, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Lisbon in Portugal and Prague in the Czech Republic. You will experience amazing architecture and perfect harmony.

1. Venice

Venice is one of the top ten charming cities in the world in 2017. Its conclusion is that it is the only city that can be described as unique and the most interesting city in the world. Its scenery in the world is eye-catching and evokes the feeling of entering the background of realistic fairy tales. These buildings are a work of art. At first glance, they are amazing. Their beauty is reflected when they pass through the canal of the city. No city can compare with the magical scenery of Venice. It is a free city and provides a friendly environment.

Venice has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, including:

? St. Mark's Cathedral

? Governor's Palace

? Venetian

? Rialto Bridge

2. Paris

Among the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris is rarely mentioned, which is very rare. This city is most loved by its light and culture. Paris is also famous for fashion and food. The sights of Paris, such as the magnificent Boulevard, the immortal square, the Seine River, the charming streets of Montmartre, and the bridges across it, confirm that it is indeed the most elegant of all cities. The Eiffel Tower is also a world-famous scenic spot, which will certainly impress you.

Here are the places you visited in Paris:

? Le Marais said

? Notre Dame de Paris

? Eiffel Tower

? Luxembourg Gardens

3. Prague

The reason why this city is called "the city of thousands of towers" is because of its grandeur and the historical relics preserved from ancient times to the present. These spires are bridges across the voltava River, which is equivalent to the magnificent Charlie bridge or the beautiful old town square. Prague Castle is the best example of the beauty of the city's ancient architecture. The city is famous for its atmospheric alleys and cobblestone streets.

Here are the attractions that must be visited in a charming city.

? city hall

? Dance house

? Loretta

4. Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in the world because it is located on the majestic Tagus River. The city has exquisite exterior design, beautiful shape, colorful, brightly colored architectural style and ceramic tile exterior wall, which give people a unique atmosphere. Now it has disappeared in many cities. Every place can see beautiful scenery, every place has a unique landscape, every place has a unique landscape. The city has been questioned by many of the world's greatest explorers, and other beauty goes beyond the horizon.

The most important things you can't miss are:

? Madre Theseus monastery

? Gulbenkian Museum

? Berenta

5. Rio de Janeiro

This city does have the most amazing environment in the world, so it is the most natural and elegant city in the world. Anyone standing on the famous sweet bread mountain or the statue of kokovado can see one of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The luxury mix of green and tropical, the blue of the sea and the brightness of the sand on the beach prove that Rio de Janeiro is indeed a magical city as the locals call it.

What you can't miss is:

? Ipanema

? Rio de Janeiro municipal Theatre

? Christ the Redeemer

6. Amsterdam

This city is called "Venice in the north". If you like to enjoy life and don't like it, Amsterdam is this place.

These beautiful apartments, offices, cafes, restaurants and brothels built on Amsterdam's main canal can be regarded as a monument. They form an aesthetic consistency, making Amsterdam one of the most charming places in the world. Bridges and bicycles span canals, elegant buildings and chic cobblestone streets.

The following are the best tourist attractions in Amsterdam:

? Von der Park

? Chinatown

? Dam Square

? Heineken brewery

7. Florence

Florence is famous for its artistic heritage in palaces and museums. It is recognized as a "World Heritage". It is synonymous with the Italian Renaissance. The whole city is the most impressive place, with beautiful scenery inside and outside the square. From Michelangelo, the 19th century terrace overlooks the whole city. One will not fail to notice one of its most perfect urban landscapes: the skyline, the tower and the dome of the city center, the bridge and the magnificent cathedral stand in the middle of all this.

The places that Florence must visit include:

? Old bridge

? Boboli garden and Pitty Palace

8. Rome

Rome stands on seven mountains on the Tiber River, which is the treasure house of beautiful squares and classical buildings in the world. Everyone goes to Rome because its landmarks and picturesque streets are often ignored. Like trasville, it is full of charming alleys, faded squares and lovely houses decorated with flower boxes. It was in these streets that Rome proved itself eternal.

9. Budapest

Budapest is the result of the merger of the three cities, forming an elegant young atmosphere. Buda is a mountain of royal palace and an ancient city, full of Baroque and Gothic monuments and natural beauty. It passes through a wide avenue and is flanked by beautiful new Renaissance buildings. The buildings and eye-catching buildings, including the amazing parliament building, are so admirable. For a romantic stroll, you need to consider the immortal chain bridge connecting Buda and pests. It provides an amazing view of the Danube River and enters the ancient town alleys.

Budapest, home to Europe's most popular spa, is also recognized as a destination for plastic surgeons.

Places where Budapest must be visited include:

? Mátyás Templom

? Budapest Opera House

? Budapest Castle Hill

? Hero's Square

10. Burgos

Burgos is a small city in a small country, but in a beautiful place. It is the best preserved medieval architectural city. It has Baroque and Gothic buildings, covered by a charming oval canal. It provides an opportunity to enjoy this beautiful city and the romantic cobblestone path in the world. It is one of the most visited cities in Europe because it is located in the heart of the European continent and can be easily found anywhere in Central Europe. It has the most magical place, a beautiful and peaceful place combining gorgeous buildings and canals.

Therefore, this is the top ten most beautiful cities in the world in 2017. By visiting different places, whether short or long-distance, you will notice the uniqueness of each city. Although there are many beautiful cities in the world, these cities will certainly blow your mind. Go on a trip and experience it for yourself!