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Which four of China's four big stove cities are the new four big stove cities

This statement first began in the period of the Republic of China. At that time, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanchang and Changsha in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River Basin had a hot summer climate, so it was said to be the "four Furnaces". However, this has always been people's feeling, and there is no exact standard. The new four furnaces were updated in 2017. The four cities in front of Chongqing, Fuzhou, Hangzhou and Nanchang were named "new four Furnaces" by many netizens. Let's take a look at the four furnace cities in China in 2017.

2017 China's four major furnace cities 1. Chongqing

2. Fuzhou

3. Hangzhou

4. Nanchang

1. Chongqing

No matter which version of the "four Furnaces", Chongqing seems to have always been "on the list". Chongqing or Ba, for short, is located in Southwest China. It is one of the ten typical mountain cities. From 1981 to 2010, data show that it has always ranked first among the top ten high-temperature cities in summer, with a cycle of 25.5 days, including 11 days above 35 ℃.

Local people said that when the temperature is high, the asphalt on the road melts and they can't live without air conditioning. However, in the hot summer, Chongqing hot pot is very popular. People who work for a day call three or five friends and eat the rolling hot pot of red oil at the roadside stall. This is a lively city. They live a hot day with people's enthusiasm.

2. Fuzhou

It is also known as Rongcheng, or "Rong" for short. It is subordinate to Fujian Province. It is located in the east of Fujian Province, the lower reaches of Minjiang River and coastal areas. It is the capital of Fujian Province. According to the data, from 1980 to 2011, the high temperature weather in summer was higher than 35 ℃ for an average of 26 days, second only to Chongqing.

With the coastal wind, the air is salty and dense in the morning. You can visit the main hall of Hualin temple, three lanes and seven lanes, Mawei boatman, Lin Zexu's tomb, three mountains, two towers and one river, Gushan, Fujian opera, hot spring, Shoushan stone, Tanshi mountain cultural site and Qingyun Mountain without losing an artistic conception.

3. Hangzhou

Referred to as "Hangzhou", the capital and sub provincial city of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou is closely followed by Fuzhou in summer, and there are many days when the temperature is higher than 35 ℃,

People who have experienced Hangzhou must feel "high temperature" and "high humidity". That kind of muggy is very uncomfortable. As the of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China, it has brought new opportunities to this classical city. Hangzhou in my memory is the comfort of the West Lake, which "wants to compare the West Lake with the west, and it is always appropriate to wear light and heavy makeup", and the beautiful scenery of the lower reaches of Qiangtang River and the southern end of Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal.

4. Nanchang

Referred to as "Hong" or "Chang", it was called Yuzhang and Hongdu in ancient times. It is the capital of Jiangxi Province. It is located in the of typhoon and Ocean monsoon, which makes the high temperature in summer extremely abnormal, coupled with the heat island effect formed by the continuous process of urban expansion.

From the beginning of July to the end of August every year, it is the hottest time of the year. Without air conditioning, the indoor temperature can reach 35 degrees even at midnight. The temperature drops slowly after 3:00 a.m. and the outdoor temperature can reach 40 degrees at 12:00 a.m. people are sweating under the trees. It is really a furnace city. Summary the U.S. meteorological department once created a concept called heat index. The Fahrenheit temperature calculated according to this extreme heat index formula will be similar to the real body temperature. Take Hangzhou tomorrow as an example. The maximum temperature predicted by the Municipal Meteorological Observatory is 32 ℃ (about 90 ℉) and the average relative humidity is 70%. According to the formula, the human body temperature is about 105 ℃, which is converted into 40.5 ℃. The result of comprehensive analysis is that the top 10 provincial capitals or municipalities directly under the central government in summer are Chongqing, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Changsha, Wuhan, Xi'an, Nanjing, Hefei and Nanning.

Lamented that Wuhan actually withdrew from the top four,

The ancients said, "practice three nine in winter and three volts in summer". Now it's how to avoid the summer. What are the tips or methods for avoiding the summer? It's worth thinking about.