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Wuhan ranks third in the hottest place in China

This summer has a lot of rain and hot weather. Many places in China are described as stoves. People here are like ants on a hot pot. They feel hot when walking on the street. So where is the hottest place in China? Let's have a look.

10. Changsha

Changsha was once one of the four big stoves. Its summer accounts for one third of the year. There are always a few days when the temperature is as high as 39 ℃, so that Changsha citizens can also experience the feeling of sauna. However, due to the governance in recent years, the situation of high temperature has improved, so it fell to the bottom of the list of the hottest places in China.

9. Nanchang

Nanchang has a humid climate and sufficient sunshine. The duration of summer in the four seasons is particularly long. Nanchang is cold in winter and hot in summer. The highest temperature in history is 40.9 ℃. Its enthusiasm is no less than that of its neighbors Wuhan, Nanjing and other cities.

8. Xi'an

Xi'an is a western city lacking in water resources. The summer here is often dry and hot, and the highest temperature in history has reached 42.9 degrees. Moreover, in recent years, the migrant population in Xi'an is still increasing, which also makes the summer in Xi'an seem to be getting hotter and hotter.

7. Jinan

Jinan was once recognized as the fourth largest stove in China because of the hot weather. Although the summer in Jinan in recent years is not as hot as in previous years, among all northern cities, Jinan's' enthusiasm 'is no less than that of Beijing.

6. Fuzhou

Fuzhou's highest temperature in history has reached 41.6 ℃. In summer every year, the temperature is also rising slowly. It can easily reach the high temperature of 39 ℃. It is definitely the first furnace in the south.

5. Beijing

Beijing is sure to be elected as the hottest place in China in terms of fame and popularity. It is understood that the temperature in Beijing exceeds 40 ℃ on several days every summer.

4. Nanjing

Nanjing is also one of the "three Furnaces" in China. Its historical maximum temperature is 43 ℃, and its annual maximum temperature is 39 ℃. However, in recent years, Nanjing's summer is still hot, but it has developed in a cool direction. It seems that Nanjing may withdraw from China's "three Furnaces" in a few years.

3. Wuhan

Wuhan is a veritable stove. It is said that the poor mountains and rivers make trouble for the people. The grumpy temper of Wuhan locals is inseparable from the hot weather. The highest temperature in Wuhan history is 41.3 ℃, and the temperature can often reach 39 ℃ in hot weather. The heat of Wuhan is not only in temperature, but also because the air in Wuhan is extremely humid, it always gives people a feeling of sauna in summer. In addition, the summer in Wuhan is really not generally long.

2. Chongqing

Chongqing is known as the first of the "three Furnaces". The high temperature here reaches 40 degrees every summer. It's very difficult for people to walk on the street like a sauna. The most terrible thing is that Chongqing had a severe drought for more than 40 consecutive days in the summer of 2006, and set a record high temperature of 44.5 ℃!

1. Turpan

Turpan is the location of the 'Flame Mountain' in the journey to the West. It is the hottest place in China with high temperature all the year round. It is called 'Huozhou'. According to statistics, the highest temperature in Turpan over the years is 49.6 ℃, the surface temperature is 83.3 ℃, and the eggs are estimated to be ripe before they fall to the ground.?