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What is peer effect? What impact does peer effect have on human behavior

Children may be influenced by their friends and eventually assimilate gradually, including good influence and bad influence. This is also the so-called peer effect. What does peer effect mean

During college, if you meet progressive companions, roommates and so on, we will make progress together and grow together. If you meet a lazy roommate, everyone will become lazy, play together, or even do nothing.

Children's friends actually have a great impact on children. Parents should pay attention to this aspect, and it's best to let children have more high-level friends and make their grades better. Some people worry that children may be tempted by friends and have some bad effects. The first is the influence of peer effect on human behavior: it is affected by the average ability of class

If the average scores of people in the same class are improved, their grades will rise. If there are more girls in the same grade, the overall learning ability will be enhanced, which are verified by experiments. In other words, if you are in the middle of higher-level companions, you will unconsciously become stronger.

The second is the influence of excellent students in the same grade

Many schools will deliberately find some excellent students to their own schools, just to better motivate other students and let everyone move closer to the powerful people. But not necessarily with good people, they will be stronger. Excellent students also affect the better ones in the class, while those in the middle and lower reaches may be indifferent or even have a negative impact because they are too far away.

The third kind: the influence of problem students

If there are some problem students in the class, the negative impact will be expanded as a whole, and the surrounding students will be affected. Finally, the overall learning ability will decline. Therefore, if you find a problem student, you must intervene early and make him better, not only for his personal sake, but also for the better overall atmosphere.

Like the contrast effect, as long as we make good use of the peer effect, we can have a more positive effect. But learning this thing mainly depends on the children themselves, and parents can't completely intervene.