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What does poor green boy mean

Recently, many people are talking about this' miserable green boy ', and many people are asking what this' miserable green boy' means. Many people say that this is not the green boy, and then it is very miserable, but in fact, the true meaning of this idiom is not like this. What does this' miserable green boy 'mean? Let's analyze it together!

1. Miserable youth

The meaning of 'miserable green boy' can now be said to be a green boy or a miserable boy, but this idiom did not mean that in ancient times.

In ancient times, the meaning of 'miserable green youth' refers to: graceful, young and talented. Such a youth is completely different from the current green youth.

2. The origin of the miserable young man

Tang. Zhang Gu's "leisure preacher": when guests arrive, my wife looks down at them. After the meeting, she happily says, "all your couples are not enough to worry about! Who is the last miserable young man? " The answer was, "make up the yellow clothes of Du in the que."

3. Tragic youth stories

"Miserable young man" originally refers to a young man wearing dark green clothes. The source of the code is leisure advocacy by Zhang Gu of Tang Dynasty.

According to records: when Tang Dezong, Pan Yan, a servant, served as a Hanlin bachelor and was greatly favored. His wife, Liu Yan's daughter, once advised her husband to resign because she felt that officialdom was dangerous.

When Meng Yanggang, Pan Yan's son, was appointed as the Minister of household, his mother was very worried and said to him, "I'm afraid there's a disaster coming because you can get the position of minister with your talents!"

The Yamen of the Ministry of household explained Xiaoyu to him and urged Meng Yang to take office. Only then did Meng Yang's mother say to him, "invite all your colleagues and let me observe."

Meng Yang found all his colleagues. When the guests arrived, Meng Yang's mother sat behind the curtain and observed carefully.

After the party, Meng Yang's mother happily said to him, "they are like you. Don't worry. But who is the boy sitting at the bottom, dressed in dark green? "

Meng Yang replied, "that's to make up the que Du Huang's clothes." Meng Yang's mother said, "this man is different from others. He must be a famous minister in the future." After that, Du Huangshang really made great achievements.

Later, "miserable youth" was used to refer to young talents with elegant demeanor and high spirits.