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Xiaomi watch supports didi Taxi: from calling to boarding

Xiaomi calls the upcoming Xiaomi watch the 'small mobile phone' on her wrist, which can install multiple apps. Just now, it was officially revealed that Xiaomi watch also supports didi taxi.

Xiaomi said that Xiaomi watch can be completed independently from calling to boarding. Previously, Xiaomi also revealed that Xiaomi watch supports watching video of station B, offline payment and boarding pass. It will also have a built-in exclusive app store and a built-in Xiaoai classmate.

Xiaomi watch is known as "a real smart watch". The official said it can talk independently, surf the Internet independently and even watch videos. Xiaomi watch will be equipped with high-performance CPU, independent linear motor and independent speaker, built-in large capacity battery, support independent Wi Fi / Bluetooth, independent GPS, independent NFC and ESIM virtual card. With the help of these hardware, it is no problem to surf the Internet, make phone calls and listen to songs.

Xiaomi watch has a square appearance, an adjustment knob on the side, elegant black and technology silver colors, which will be released on November 5.