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Does constipation eat prebiotic to must be fasting before meal

Before and after the meal does not affect the feeling after taking

1. Prebiotics are not affected by gastric acid and can directly reach the intestines to feed the beneficial bacteria in the body. They are not absorbed by the human body and provide nutrition and food for beneficial bacteria, so they are just like eating. Take it regularly. It won't happen overnight.

2. Prebiotics are not drugs, but stachyose, inulin and Xylooligosaccharides are prebiotics. It helps to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the body and actively promote the balance of intestinal flora after eating. It's also included in many of the foods we eat every day, such as garlic, onions and yacon. Just like eating, there are no special taboos and requirements. The key lies in persistence.

The friend with bad stomach, usually develop good eating habits, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, to supplement dietary fiber. Regular consumption of prebiotics can help the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Don't forget that the excellent performance of the prebiotics family is stachyose, a water-soluble dietary fiber. We often see the Chuangling stachyose recommended by netizens on the forum Zhihu Q & a platform, which can be used for daily drinking. We can maintain a good flora environment, so that we can easily digest and defecate, and have a better life Quality.