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Is dietary fiber biscuit useful

It's good for the stomach

1. Biscuits containing dietary fiber can neutralize gastric acid, promote gastrointestinal absorption, increase satiety and reduce the intake of other foods. But the basic ingredients of biscuits are flour and water, or with eggs and a little sugar. Some biscuits, such as Hericium erinaceus, contain amino acids and polysaccharides that help repair the gastric mucosa. You can also eat soda biscuits, which help to neutralize gastric acid secretion.

2. Some dietary fiber biscuits are made from whole wheat, oats and wheat fiber. If you have a bad stomach, don't eat hard food. Chew biscuits well. Eating less helps digestion. Don't choose sweet, oil or coarse fiber, which will cause discomfort to friends with peptic ulcer, and don't eat too many biscuits at a time, just two or three biscuits.

Stomach bad friends, usually develop good health habits, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, to supplement dietary fiber. Dietary fiber also has the advantage of helping the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Don't forget that the water-soluble dietary fiber stachyose is also excellent. We often see the Chuang Ling stachyose recommended by our friends on the Internet. We can drink it everyday to maintain a good microbial environment, so that we can better digest and defecate, and have a better quality of life.