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Does oligosaccharide stimulate stomach


1. Oligosaccharide is not a common sugar, it is neither sweet nor stimulating stomach acid. In other words, fructooligosaccharides have no side effects and adverse reactions on the stomach. Oligosaccharides can reach the intestine smoothly through the stomach, and are not affected by gastric acid. Fructooligosaccharide is also a probiotic diet, which helps to promote the growth and reproduction of probiotics, thus promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis and increasing digestion.

2. If you eat oligosaccharides on an empty stomach, you can take them safely. The human body can not absorb oligosaccharides, and there is no corresponding enzyme in the stomach to digest and absorb fructooligosaccharides, so it will not cause damage to the stomach. Some friends with sensitive stomach may have abdominal distension and growl after eating. These normal reactions will gradually improve and disappear.

Oligosaccharides help to promote the reproduction and growth of probiotics, which is conducive to the colonization and reproduction of probiotics in the intestine. For example, zangling stachyose is very good. It's a diet for probiotics in the body.