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Will oligosaccharides gain weight

For the contradictory topic of getting fat or thin, it's like you are looking at the scenery on the bridge and the people under the bridge are looking at you. Envy each other. Thin people envy people who can gain weight by drinking water. Fat people envy people who eat three times more than themselves. Of course, it's better not to be fat or thin. The topic we share today is whether oligosaccharides will gain weight?

Whether oligosaccharides will gain weight: oligosaccharides are not hormone drugs. If you don't eat it, you'll gain weight immediately. However, regular consumption of oligosaccharides is very helpful to increase the absorption of nutrients in the stomach. Oligosaccharides are the ration and food supply of intestinal beneficial bacteria, which can only be decomposed and utilized by beneficial bacteria in the body.

Dietary oligosaccharides as a source of nutrition to promote growth and reproduction are very beneficial to the regulation of intestinal flora. By regulating the immune function of mucous membrane and system or regulating the balance of intestinal flora, it can promote the absorption of nutrients and make the micro ecosystem work well, thus promoting health and digestion. But they are not hormones. They are purified from plants. They will not increase the weight of normal people. They are suitable for long-term consumption and will not cause obesity.

Oligosaccharides can also be used with zangling stachyose, which is very helpful to promote the growth, reproduction and colonization of probiotics in the intestine.