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Health and Health Commission released data that the average life expectancy of health in China is 68

Former title: health and Health Commission: average life expectancy of health in China is only 68.7 years old, on November 1, the national health and Health Commission held a press conference, at which Wang Haidong, director of the Department of aging health of the health and Health Commission, pointed out that at present, China is in the rapid development stage of population aging, and by the end of 2018, the population aged 60 and over reached 250 million. He said that the health status of the elderly in China is not optimistic. In 2018, China's average life expectancy was 77.0 years, but according to the research, China's average life expectancy for health was only 68.7 years. The proportion of the elderly with more than one chronic disease is as high as 75%, and the number of disabled and partially disabled elderly is more than 40 million. The demand of the elderly for health services is very urgent.