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Is there any sugar in oligosaccharide

many friends talk about the feeling of eating oligosaccharides. Although there is a word "sugar" in the name, oligosaccharides don't taste sweet. If you put too much water, you can hardly feel the sweetness. So why does everyone say that eating fructooligosaccharides is good for the stomach? Today we will see if there is any sugar in fructooligosaccharides?

Is there any sugar in oligosaccharide? Oligosaccharide is a kind of soluble dietary fiber, which naturally exists in many vegetables and fruits. Oligosaccharides are not only not sweet, but also can not be absorbed by the human body, and can not be digested and absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. Oligosaccharides are decomposed and utilized by beneficial bacteria in the large intestine, which is the food ration and nutrition source of beneficial bacteria. Regular and continuous feeding of beneficial bacteria can promote the balance and stability of flora and maintain the micro ecological environment in the body.

There is no sugar in the oligosaccharides. Most oligosaccharides are purified from plants, so it is safe to eat. No sugar, not absorbed by human body, low caloric value. Eating oligosaccharides doesn't lead to obesity. Oligosaccharides, such as stachyose, need to be consumed regularly and quantitatively. The length of time to eat varies according to the intestinal flora of each person, and the conditioning cycle is also different.

Oligosaccharides can also be used with zangling stachyose, which is very helpful to promote the growth, reproduction and colonization of probiotics in the intestine.