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Does long term eat probiotics to hurt kidney

Whether it's taking medicine or health care products, we are particularly concerned about the side effects or taboos in the product manual. But all the drugs have three points of toxicity, other diseases are not cured, but also hurt other organs. Today, let's talk about probiotics, a kind of product to protect the intestines and stomach, and see if long-term consumption of probiotics can damage the kidney;?

Does long-term eat probiotics to hurt kidney? Long term consumption of probiotics will not damage the kidney, but it should be noted that it is easy to form probiotics dependence. The human body can't digest and absorb prebiotics, can't be metabolized and circulated by liver, kidney and blood, and can't increase the burden of kidney. Probiotics can promote the balance of intestinal flora. It does not add other chemical substances or toxic and harmful ingredients, which is harmless to human body and very safe.

That is to say, the human body can not digest and absorb prebiotics, that is to say, eating probiotics will not increase the burden on the kidney, supplement probiotics to reach the intestinal tract, and the beneficial flora is full of vitality. It is also helpful for growth, reproduction and colonization, so as to maintain the microecological balance in the body and help digestion and absorption smoothly.

Edible probiotics can be combined with zangling stachyose, which is very helpful to promote the growth, reproduction and colonization of probiotics in the intestine.