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What can't prebiotics be drunk with

Probiotics are widely used in our daily gastrointestinal symptoms, and most of them are purified from plants, so we are worried about whether there are contraindications. Or some foods can't be eaten with prebiotics. Today, let's share a topic we are more concerned about. What can't prebiotics be eaten with. Let's see.

Prebiotics are not forbidden to eat together, that is, prebiotics can be eaten together with any food, medicine and nutrition. First, we will understand the principle and characteristics of prebiotics. Prebiotics are not products, but a large category. Many kinds of active substances are prebiotics, such as inulin, stachyose, fructooligosaccharides, oligosaccharides and so on. They are active microorganisms beneficial to human intestinal probiotics.

Prebiotics cannot be eaten with anything: the human body cannot decompose and utilize prebiotics. Prebiotics are not metabolized by blood, liver and kidney. But they are only used by beneficial bacteria in the body, so their metabolism is different from the drugs and food they usually eat. There will be no adverse reactions and conflicts, and there is no requirement for the method of taking prebiotics. It can be taken with meals.

Probiotics or prebiotics can be used together, such as zangling stachyose, which is very helpful to promote the growth, reproduction and colonization of probiotics in the intestine.