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30% reduction of rice yield caused by cracking of drought land in Anhui and Jiangxi

Original title: more land in Jiangxi Province, Anhui province suffered from severe drought and 70% less rainfall than in previous years

The drought in many areas of Anhui and Jiangxi is still serious! The main reason lies in the fact that since July, high temperature and little rain have occurred in many areas in the south of China. The high temperature has accelerated the evaporation of water vapor, dried up rivers, and the lack of rain has further deepened the drought in Jiangxi and Anhui. According to the rainfall statistics, the rainfall is 70% less than the previous years, and the land is cracked.

Dry land cracking

Since late July, there has been a large range of high temperature and little rain in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and parts of the south of the Yangtze River. Recently, the National Committee for disaster reduction and the Ministry of emergency management launched the national level IV emergency response to the recent severe drought in the two provinces. The Ministry of agriculture and rural areas has once again sent a drought relief working group to further supervise and guide the drought relief work in the drought affected areas of the two provinces.

On October 23, 2019, Goutang dried up in Yangzhuang village, lvzhai Town, Linquan County, Fuyang, Anhui Province

On October 23, 2019, in Luzhai Town, Linquan County, Fuyang, Anhui Province, villagers were watering for drought relief

Drought condition

On October 24, 2019, a large area of river bed was exposed due to the low water level in the section of Enlong Township, Enjiang River, Yongfeng County, Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province. On October 22, the general headquarters of flood control and drought relief of Jiangxi Province launched the fourth level emergency response to drought. On October 22, the general headquarters of flood control and drought relief of Jiangxi Province launched the fourth level emergency response to drought.

According to Jiangxi Province's prevention, from late July to October 22, Jiangxi Province has sustained hot, sunny, hot, hot, and rainy days. The total amount of rainfall is 60-70% less than that of the whole year, and the total amount of evaporation is 3.8 times of the rainfall in the same period. All counties (cities, districts) in the province have droughts of different degrees, and some areas suffer from severe droughts.

On October 24, the meteorological department of Jiangxi Province released information that since the end of the rainy season in the west wind belt of Jiangxi Province on July 16 this year, the province has been dominated by high temperature and little rain. At the beginning of August, the drought began to show up and develop gradually, and in September, the drought was further spread and intensified. In the early period of mid October, due to the joint influence of the weather system and artificial precipitation increase in the Westerlies, light rain appeared in some areas of Jiangxi, soil moisture improved, but the weather drought continued. It is predicted that in the next 30 days, the precipitation in Jiangxi will be slightly less, the temperature will be higher, and the drought in Jiangxi Province will continue.