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Postpartum diarrhea need to pay attention to these points

How does postpartum sit month child diarrhoea do? Presumably many mothers have the experience of having diarrhea in confinement. During the confinement period, their body resistance is weak, so they must keep warm and avoid stomach cold. Their diet should be light to avoid increasing the burden on their intestines.

1. The light in the house should be appropriate, avoid direct sunlight in summer, and receive warm sunlight in winter, so it is best to set multiple curtains in the house.

2. The puerpera's body resistance is poor during confinement, so they can't live in humid environment, so they should keep the room warm and comfortable at any time.

3. The effect of indoor ventilation must be better, to avoid cooking fume close to the kitchen.

Be sure to keep warm during confinement. Although you don't have to wear thick clothes as in the past, you must cover your head when you go out to avoid catching a cold. In addition, new mothers have to change clothes frequently during confinement because they sweat a lot and have a stronger metabolism. At the same time, their bodies will constantly eliminate lochia, so they must pay more attention to personal hygiene and cleaning to avoid bacterial infection.

1. Eat more hot food, not cold drinks, salads and other cold food. Follow the principle of a small amount of diet, while avoiding fiber fruits and vegetables.

2. Drink less oil soup and more boiled water. It's easy to have diarrhea in confinement. So in order to keep the body temperature, you can drink more warm water, cover the quilt when you sleep, and use hot towel to cover your stomach.

3. Diet must be light, diarrhea period, it is best to eat only some liquid food, such as rice soup, juice and so on. It is helpful to eliminate intestinal endotoxin and improve diarrhea. It should be noted that you must not eat sweets.

Some prebiotics, such as zangling stachyose, can also be used in daily life to supplement food ration and nutrition sources for beneficial bacteria in the body, help regulate the balance of intestinal environment, and is also very beneficial to the recovery of digestive function. ​​​​​​​