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Baby's intestines and stomach is not good, pay more attention to oral problems

There are thousands of different kinds of bacteria in adult saliva, gradually accumulating, thus forming a state of balance in the adult body. But for children with clean intestines and stomach, if they accept so many bacteria, it is easy to cause infection. So pay special attention to the baby's oral health, so as not to bring burden to the weak stomach. In order to ensure the baby's oral health, the mother must help the baby develop good eating habits. Specifically, we should pay attention to three points

Many mothers think that certain foods can't help babies clean their mouths. Xiao Bian introduced the following magic food to the mothers.

Garlic, onion, ginger: these foods can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

Yali: after eating some fresh pears, you can chew them slowly, wash your teeth, massage your gums, and eliminate the food residue in your teeth.

Marine fish: marine fish contain fluorine, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria by inhibiting the enzyme in bacteria.

Jujube: jujube contains ursolic acid and oleanolic acid. These two components can control the enzymes produced by dental caries without destroying the balance of the bacterial system of oral bacteria.

Animal viscera: these viscera are rich in iron and zinc. Iron and zinc inhibit acid production by bacteria, so they also protect teeth.

1. Reasonably adjust the food structure, eat more Cereals, ensure fish, meat, eggs, milk, beans, vegetables, fruits, have a good breakfast, and ensure a reasonable distribution of calories in three meals a day.

2. Eat less sweets and snacks. Don't eat sweets between meals and before going to bed. Gargle immediately after eating sweets. Don't bite food to feed your baby, don't share tableware, don't blow your baby's milk and vegetable soup, cut off the transmission of Streptococcus mutans.

3. Tell your baby to brush his teeth before going to bed, especially before going to bed. Because chewing, language and other activities stop during sleep, saliva secretion decreases, and bacteria that don't brush their teeth are more likely to breed.

If the baby's intestines and stomach are not good, you can also eat some prebiotics such as zangling stachyose to supplement the rations and nutrition sources for the beneficial bacteria in the body, help regulate the balance of the intestinal environment, and also be very beneficial to the recovery of digestive function.