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Peaches raise people but not their stomachs. Let's see why

Although there is a folk saying that peaches' raise people ', it is mainly because peaches are rich in nutrients, especially high in iron. Often eat them can prevent anemia, pectin can also prevent constipation. But it is not suitable to eat more peaches. Only one peach a day is enough, especially if diarrhea is the main manifestation of spleen and stomach weakness, otherwise it is easy to increase the burden on the stomach.

In addition, peaches are sweet and warm. People who are easily angry should not eat too much. It's better not to eat peaches that are not fully ripe. Eating peaches can easily cause abdominal distension or diarrhea. Peaches are warm, but eating too much makes people feel full, especially in patients with digestive system diseases, such as cholecystitis, chronic gastritis and so on.

People with a bad stomach should eat less peaches and spicy food. Peppers, such as red or diqian peppers, can spice food, but they can also disrupt the esophagus. In this way, you will feel heartburn, just like when you eat. Even if you use lactic acid to reduce its pungency, you still absorb the pungency of pepper. Spicy food do not add high-fat cream, to use mild green pepper.

People with a bad stomach can also eat some prebiotics, such as zangling stachyose, to supplement rations and nutrition sources for beneficial bacteria in the body, help regulate the balance of the intestinal environment, and is also very beneficial to the recovery of digestive function.