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The stomach is not good several suggestions, raises the stomach to see these several points

Gastrointestinal symptoms: stomachache, abdominal distension, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, emaciation, anemia, irregular stool, halitosis, etc. To avoid excessive mechanical and chemical stimulation of food, mechanical stimulation can increase mucosal damage, destroy gastric mucosal barrier, avoid acid producing food, and choose a balanced diet with high nutritional value, soft and easy digestion.

1. Gastroenteritis control

When gastroenteritis occurs, we must pay attention to it as soon as possible. Although this disease is not very serious, if not treated as soon as possible, it will lead to other diseases. Therefore, we suggest that you take some glucose orally at ordinary times, or decoct it with Chinese herbal medicines such as Pueraria, Coptis, Aucklandia, Poria cocos, Plantago, lotus leaf, raw licorice, and take it once in the morning and once in the evening. It's very effective for the treatment of gastroenteritis. Pay more attention to diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, is helpful for gastroenteritis.

2. Dysfunctional symptoms

When gastrointestinal dysfunction occurs, it will be accompanied by patients' emotional tension, anxiety and impatience, which will always affect the efficiency of work or study and make patients feel very irritable. And there will be continuous burping, throat foreign body sensation, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, long breath and so on. This can bring endless pain to patients and friends. Therefore, it is suggested that friends should go to the hospital for further examination as soon as possible if they have this disease.

3. What to eat

When the stomach is bad, it will have a bad effect on the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Therefore, in the usual diet, we must eat more light and easy to digest food, such as whole grains and fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, kiwifruit, etc., which can help gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote digestion. At ordinary times, you can also drink some honey water, which can promote digestion, generate saliva and quench thirst, moisten the lung and remove blood stasis.

4. Diet conditioning

Now people pay less and less attention to the health of diet, so there will be a bad situation of intestines and stomach. In this case, we must pay attention to conditioning. For example, you can drink more rice porridge in the morning, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and pay attention to a balanced diet. At noon eat more protein and vitamin food, do not eat spicy food, will hurt the stomach again. When eating, you can drink more soup, and then eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. At the same time, it is suggested that we should do some sports. After half an hour can drink a cup of yogurt, help promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestion. If the stomach is not good, you can also take care of it through diet. You can also take some prebiotics such as zangling stachyose daily to supplement the food ration and nutrition source for the beneficial bacteria in the body, help regulate the balance of the intestinal environment, and is also very beneficial to the recovery of digestive function.

5. Stomach cold

Gastrointestinal cold is mainly caused by virus infection. When many patients have this symptom, they will feel gastrointestinal discomfort, accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and so on. This is mainly because the viral bacteria enter the gastrointestinal tract and stimulate the muscles of the stomach, resulting in muscle contraction, thus discharging the contents of the stomach. The intestinal tract may also be stimulated to secrete too much water, making the patient in an uncomfortable state. So when you have this symptom, you must receive treatment as soon as possible.