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How does vegetable eat a method to be wrong can hurt intestines and stomach food eat ability to redu

Different diet has different nutrition. Of course, some eating methods can cause harm to the body, especially to the stomach, but some eating methods can reduce the burden on the stomach. Let's take a look at how to eat food to lighten the burden on the stomach. Vegetables eat wrong will hurt the stomach, how to eat food to reduce the burden of the stomach?

1. Broccoli and cabbage

Broccoli and cabbage are cruciferous vegetables, rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, with anti-cancer and anti-aging effect. But even if they are rich in dietary fiber and various nutrients, these vegetables have certain 'side effects'. Because high fiber vegetables help to expand the volume of your stomach, it is easy to cause excessive accumulation of gas in the stomach.

Countermeasures: the solution to the problem is very simple, as long as blanching with hot water before eating to soften it and make the sulfur mixture which produces gas lose its function. So these two kinds of vegetables are suitable for cold and deep frying.

2. Beans

Beans are notorious for causing indigestion. The oligosaccharides contained in beans, such as stachyose and raffinose, will decompose and produce some gases after fermentation by intestinal bacteria, causing hiccups, bowel sounds, abdominal distension, abdominal pain and other symptoms. Bean products are not suitable for patients with severe peptic ulcer, because the purine content in bean products is high, which can promote the secretion of gastric juice. Acute and chronic gastritis patients should not eat bean products, so as not to stimulate gastric acid secretion, causing flatulence.

Countermeasures: boiling beans in the form of soup helps to digest this kind of food. By adding water, it helps to digest the large amount of fiber contained in beans. The other is to gradually add beans to the diet, which will gradually increase the demand for enzymes used to digest beans without side effects.

3. Raw onion and garlic

Onion and garlic are rich in various nutrients, which are good for health, such as protecting the heart. But they can also cause stomach discomfort, such as flatulence and abdominal cramps.

Countermeasures: nutritionists suggest that when you eat these foods, you can use the method of mixed cooking, so that you will not suffer from flatulence and other negative effects while absorbing nutrients.

4. Orange juice

Acid drinks can irritate the esophagus. Many people like to wake up in the morning drink a large glass of orange juice refreshing, but this will improve the acidity of the gastrointestinal tract. Especially drink high fructose concentration of sweet lemonade, more attention, because too much sugar intake will cause diarrhea.

Countermeasures: citrus juice contains a lot of vitamin C, suitable for regular drinking. As long as you choose the right drinking time, you don't have to worry about stimulating the esophagus. Drink sour juice, such as orange juice, for dinner or between meals.

5. Mashed potatoes with cream

Potato is low calorie, high protein, multi vitamins and trace elements, known as the ideal diet. But mashed potatoes with cream or cheese are not as good as you think. In the United States, there are 30-50 million lactose intolerant people. If you are such a person, it is not suitable for you to enjoy mashed potatoes with cream. Because adding milk, cream or cheese to mashed potatoes can make your stomach uncomfortable.

Countermeasures: don't buy cream mashed potatoes prepared outside. You can steam or boil mashed potatoes at home without any ingredients.

If you have a bad stomach, you can also eat some prebiotics every day, such as zangling stachyose, which can supplement the rations and nutrition sources for the beneficial bacteria in your body, help to regulate the balance of the intestinal environment, and is also very conducive to the recovery of digestive function. It can also help prevent the occurrence of various gastrointestinal diseases and help the human body build a healthy body.