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Halitosis is a good way to eat fresh breath

Some people have bad breath even if they gargle every day, which makes them very upset. In fact, most of these phenomena are caused by poor intestines and stomach. Today, I'd like to introduce a few effective prescriptions for stomach halitosis.

Folk recipe 1: reed root

Phragmites australis is one of the Chinese herbal medicines, which has a good effect on relieving gastrointestinal function. If halitosis occurs due to poor gastrointestinal function, you can take an appropriate amount of fresh reed root Saposhnikovia, and then add an appropriate amount of rock sugar to make soup together, three times a day, lasting about half a month.

Folk recipe 2: Hawthorn

If bad breath is caused by a bad stomach, you can take an appropriate amount of hawthorn and add water to make soup instead of drinking tea every day. After drinking for a period of time, gastrointestinal function can be improved, and the phenomenon of halitosis will be gradually relieved.

Folk recipe 3: rice water

I believe everyone has seen Taomi water, which is not uncommon. However, if you have bad breath, you might as well eat some rice water and boil your mouth. If you have mouth ulcers, you can cure bad breath and relieve the disease. Bad breath caused by bad stomach,

Folk recipe 4: Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea can clear fire and detoxify. If the patient's bad breath is caused by liver or gastrointestinal dysfunction, he can often think of chrysanthemum tea to drink. If you drink all the time, your bad breath will gradually improve.

You can also eat some prebiotics such as zangling stachyose every day, which can supplement the diet and nutrition source of beneficial bacteria in the body, help to regulate the balance of intestinal environment, and is very conducive to the recovery of digestive function. It can also help prevent the occurrence of various gastrointestinal diseases and help people build a healthy body.

Stomach is bad, what small remedial method does breath have? Above, we have sorted out four kinds of remedies that can effectively remove bad breath caused by bad stomach. Of course, halitosis can also be caused by other diseases. Therefore, if there is halitosis, it is recommended to find out the cause before treatment. I hope you can protect your stomach, have a good stomach and be healthy.