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Three kinds of fruits are harmful to the stomach. Don't touch these fruits

Nowadays, many young people are busy with their lives and don't pay attention to their diet. They have a bad stomach. If they have a bad stomach, the diet is very important. Many foods need to be eaten less or not. So what food should I eat less if I have a bad stomach? Today I'd like to introduce to you three kinds of fruits that are harmful to your stomach. If your stomach is not good, don't touch these fruits. I hope they can help you.

1. Eat less kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit is known as the king of fruits for its laxative effect, but it is actually a kind of cold food. It contains a lot of vitamins. Eat more will not only cause diarrhea, but also produce gastric acid, so that the stomach to bear a heavier burden. So people with a bad stomach still eat less or no kiwi fruit.

2. Eat less hawthorn

In our life, many people think that sweet and sour hawthorn is appetizing, so they will eat a lot of Hawthorn if they have a bad appetite. In fact, this idea is wrong. If the stomach is not good, it is best not to eat hawthorn, because the fusion of hawthorn and gastric acid will form indigestible stones, leading to kidney stones, so people with a bad stomach should stay away from hawthorn.

3. Eat less jujube

If the stomach is bad, the first thing you can't eat is dates. What we need to know is that fresh jujube is rich in vitamins, but jujube skin is also difficult to digest. Eating too much will stimulate the stomach. If the patient has a stomach ulcer, eating too much jujube will cause a stomachache. Friends with a bad stomach suggest that you should take some prebiotics such as zangling stachyose to supplement the food and nutrition sources for the beneficial bacteria in your body, help regulate the balance of the intestinal environment, and is also very beneficial to the recovery of digestive function.

What food should the stomach eat less? The above introduced several kinds of stomach bad patients should eat less food. I believe everyone should know by now. If there is such a bad stomach, people can not touch jujube, hawthorn, kiwi fruit and other food, otherwise the disease is likely to become more serious. Therefore, people with a bad stomach must stay away from these foods for their own health.