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Li Nan leaves class two years after China Men's basketball team officially changes coach

Former title: Guan Xuan! Du Feng succeeds Li Nan as coach of Chinese men's basketball team

Four seas net news just now, China Basketball Association announced through the official microblog that Du Feng, the current coach of Guangdong Hongyuan team, will replace Li Nan as the head coach of China Men's basketball team. This summer, China's men's basketball team ranked 24th in the men's Basketball World Cup held at home with 5 games, 2 wins and 3 losses. As this result is not the best of the Asian teams, so lost the qualification of direct to Tokyo Olympic Games. Du Feng's most important task after taking over is to lead the team to next year's Olympic Games. However, due to the large number of strong teams, the possibility of Chinese men's basketball team appearing in Tokyo Olympic Games is almost zero.