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The treatment of long-term constipation method quickly away

When it comes to constipation, it may be a mental illness for many people. Many people suffer from constipation. Squatting in the toilet for more than an hour until their feet are numb, they have nothing to gain. People with long-term constipation suffer even more. If you happen to be constipated or chronically constipated when you are reading this news, you can really earn money. Here is a method for chronically constipation, which is free for you today.

Before telling you how to solve long-term constipation, Xiao Bian will give you a detailed explanation of long-term constipation. Long term constipation generally refers to defecation less than three times a week, and defecation is very difficult. So what causes long-term constipation? There are many factors causing long-term constipation, which may be psychological factors, or gastrointestinal function problems or age. Therefore, the causes of long-term constipation are very complex, which also increases the difficulty of ZL.

Before sending out this method of long-term constipation, Xiao Bian wants to talk about the harm of long-term constipation, because only when we know the severity of the disease, we will treat it positively. As we all know, when people defecate, in addition to removing the body's garbage, they also discharge toxins that are harmful to the body. People with constipation are unable to remove most of the toxins. Instead, they let the toxins be absorbed by the body, making it yellow and dim, and the body is more bloated, and the whole person is listless.

The traditional products of ZL constipation are mainly laxatives. Laxatives do not selectively clean up the human flora, resulting in the elimination of both beneficial and harmful bacteria, which eventually leads to the collapse of digestion, absorption and immune system. Now we don't have to worry about it. It is to eat probiotics or prebiotics to adjust the balance of the flora, reorganize the benign micro ecological environment, and constipation will not produce diarrhea and abdominal pain. Have you arrived yet? Because everyone's situation is different. It may be useful for others to drink like this, but some people will not respond to it. To regulate the intestinal environment, we can also drink yogurt, supplement probiotics or zangling stachyose sooner or later. They are all good for supplementing energy for beneficial bacteria in the body and injecting new vitality into a better life.