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The probability of a man having nine toes on one foot is only one in a million

Original title: how to wear socks? A man has 9 toes on one foot and receives deformity surgery to remove 4 toes a Jun, a 21-year-old boy from Chaoshan, has a pretty face, but has a "hard to tell", because his left foot has suffered from "polydactyly" since he was born, and one foot has nine toes.

In order to regain a new life and not be affected by polydactyly, a Jun came to Shunde for medical treatment. On September 29, the reporter learned from Shunde Heping surgical hospital, where a Jun was hospitalized, that after 9 hours of efforts by the doctors' team, he successfully removed 4 extra toes of his left foot and 'reconstructed' one thumb.

Now, a Jun, who has gradually recovered his left foot's appearance, said he would like to run on the road like a normal person wearing a pair of sports shoes of normal size.

One foot has nine toes.

Surprise: he has nine toes on his left foot and only wears two sizes of shoes

The 21-year-old a Jun is from Shanwei. Although he is a young man, he is handsome and gentle in speech, but in his heart, there is always a "hard to talk about" - his left foot has a "multi toed deformity".

'I used to go to the riverbank with my friends. The older I was, the uglier my feet became. Later I didn't want to go to the riverbank. "A Jun said that his left foot deformity also brought other people's different eyes. 'someone else will come to see it. Anyway, I will be very unhappy. 'ah Jun says he has no choice.

Attention: one foot has nine toes, with a probability as low as one in a million

Yesterday, the reporter saw a Jun after the operation in Shunde Heping surgical hospital. Although his left foot is still in plaster and inconvenient to move, a Jun has a confident smile on his face.

"After recovery, like normal people, wear normal size sneakers and run happily on the road. "Ah Jun told reporters.

Wu Xiang, head of the Department of hand deformity, said the patient's foot shape has now recovered well, basically the same as normal people. "Further observation is needed in the future, including the adjustment of walking vertical line, weight-bearing experiment, etc., to correct walking posture and avoid pain. 'said Wu Xiang.

Wu Xiang also said that the case of one foot with nine toes is very rare, which is the first case he has seen. 'the probability is as low as one in a million or one in two million. "There are many causes of hand and foot deformities, but about 50% of them are genetic," Wu said.

In addition, factors such as virus infection, smoking, mental pressure, and old lying in women are also easy to cause hand and foot deformities. Wu Xiang said that as a doctor in the Department of hand diseases and deformities, he has performed many operations on hand and foot deformities in one year, and the data shows that the incidence of hand and foot deformities is gradually increasing. "After the second child was released, the number of elderly mothers increased, and the number of children with hand and foot deformities was also large, which should be paid attention to. '

Wu Xiang suggested that if the child has a finger deformity with a well-developed main finger, the operation can be carried out in about 3-6 months. Because of the finger development and psychological development of children, it is appropriate to complete the operation before going to school. It is reported that a Jun's left foot has nine toes, originally the position of his thumb, but he has four toes, which is very deformed. 'the deformity of my left foot has existed since I was a child, but at that time my family took me to fortune telling and said, "this is a divine & lsquo; reward & rsquo;. Please don't move it. "Ah Jun told reporters.