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What do you need to pay attention to in TCM regimen?

What do you need to pay attention to in TCM regimen? What are the precautions? Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes balance. There have always been different views on the phenomenon of life, each with its own reason and bias. Life lies in movement. In the literal sense, everything in the universe is in motion, so is human life. "Life lies in stillness" also has its reason. Here we say that life lies in balance.

① Environmental balance: all healthy and long-lived lives must be balanced with the environment. It is necessary to protect the large environment suitable for human life and create a small environment suitable for people's life. If people are out of balance with the environment, they will be ill or even unable to survive.

② Nutrition balance: to reconcile the five flavors, not partial to food. Nutrition balance can make people develop and grow in a balanced way.

③ Dynamic and static balance: it is said in the canon of internal medicine that 'long lying hurts Qi' and 'long sitting hurts meat' & hellip; & hellip; in order to keep healthy, we must have relaxation, work and rest, and dynamic and static balance.

④ Psychological balance: emotion is the baton of life, mental breakdown will lead to physical breakdown. Anger and depression can make people sick.

⑤ Balance of yin and Yang: all things have Yin and Yang attributes. Once Yin and yang are out of balance, people will get sick. According to Huangdi Neijing, Yin leads to Yang disease, Yang leads to yin disease; Yang leads to heat, Yin leads to cold; Yin deficiency leads to yang hyperactivity, Yang deficiency leads to Yin excess.

It can be said: "life lies in balance". If it is out of balance, people will get sick and even die.

On emotion: to be healthy and long-lived, it is an important condition to clear and smooth the mind. Tao Hongjing put forward in his health preserving and longevity prolonging record: "the way to cultivate one's nature is to have great sorrow and sorrow. This so-called" Neutralization "means that those who can neutralize will live a long life. '

Abstinence from selfish desire: keep in good health and seek tranquility, so that the body and mind are in the situation of all worries and only one thought. It also requires people to have noble sentiment and magnanimous mind. Sun Simiao said: "people who don't live long or die young can't help but cherish themselves. They can't spare their emotions and interest themselves. Therefore, those who are good at health preservation should not be obsessed with what they want, should have no delusions, should not ask for more where they go, and should not care about money first if they want to talk about good deeds.

Far room: refers to sexual abstinence. The growth and development of human depends on the kidney essence, which is full of vitality and disease resistance. If you want to protect the kidney essence, you must control your sexual desire. If you are lustful and lustful, you will lose your essence and your life.

Suitable four seasons: people live in nature, and conforming to the seasonal climate is an important content of health preservation. "Lu's spring and Autumn Annals" says: "the life of an old man is not short but continuous. When he finishes his number, he cares about getting rid of harm. The so-called harm refers to the abnormal climate, such as cold, heat, dryness and temperature, which is not at the right time.

Section diet: the spleen and stomach for the acquired, diet is not section, hurt the spleen and stomach, make people sick and premature aging. The harm of Neijing to improper diet can be summarized as follows: Yin is born of five flavors; diet is self multiplying; stomach and intestines are damaged; more salt leads to blood clotting, weeping and discoloration; more bitter leads to skin withering and hair fading. Sun Simiao's discussion on diet is more comprehensive and scientific. In addition to the common sense such as' food should not be too full, keep it simple ',' warm food 'and' light, sweet and light food 'etc., Sun Simiao also described the diet methods and food hygiene, such as' delicious food should be cooked and chewed, raw food should not be eaten roughly', 'food should not be big words',' every food should be rubbed with hands on the face and abdomen ',' no lettuce, raw rice, beans, stale odors, and no muddy wine ' It has positive and important significance to avoid damage to the spleen and stomach, prevent food poisoning, prevent infectious diseases and even prolong life. It's good to drink yogurt, supplement probiotics or zangling stachyose sooner or later. All these are to supply food for beneficial bacteria in the body and inject new vitality into a better life.

Regular exercise: people are an organic whole. Regular exercise will make them energetic and healthy. As early as the Han Dynasty, Hua Tuo advocated physical exercise to prevent illness. He pointed out: "if the human body wants to work, if it shakes, the valley Qi will disappear, the blood will flow, and disease will not occur. Sun Simiao also said in his Qian Jin Fang: "the way to nourish one's nature is to work hard often." the body wants to work hard often, but not too much. "It reminds people to move their muscles and bones frequently to get rid of illness and prolong life.

Natural disposition: to live a long and healthy life, we must keep ourselves in accordance with the law of age. Sun Simiao analyzed the old people and said: "a person is over 50 years old, and his Yang years are declining day by day. The mental strength gradually recedes, forgets before loses after, lives lazily with, plans teaches all not to be satisfied. They are unstable in seeing and hearing, more retreating and less advancing, different in sun and moon, scattered in everything, bored, forgetful and angry, and abnormal in temperament. This tells us that when people enter the old age, there will be a series of physiological and morphological changes. We should take good care of the old people and adjust them according to their temperament, so that they can enjoy their life.

Take medicine bait: life in the world, enjoy different Fu, the situation is merciless, inevitably hurt. Therefore, taking medicine and bait is also one of the contents of health preservation. The ancients attached great importance to the use of baits to prevent and treat diseases, maintain health and prolong life, and formulated many baits and prescriptions to prolong life. However, health can not be maintained only by taking medicine and baits. Otherwise, "even if you often take medicine and baits but don't know how to nourish your nature, you can't live a long life." even if you take jade liquid and golden elixir, you can't prolong your life. ".