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How to treat halitosis caused by gastrointestinal dyspepsia

Some people have to squat for a long time to go to the toilet every day because of the difficulty in defecation, but they always pull a little or can't pull it clean. As a result, they have a heavy halitosis. There should be too much garbage in the intestines to be discharged. So how can we clean up the intestines and reduce the breath problem? These ingredients might as well have a try!

1、 Mung bean sprouts

People who have difficulty in defecating need dietary fiber to promote bowel peristalsis. The water-soluble fiber in mung bean sprouts can increase the content and moisture of stool, promote bowel peristalsis and produce defecation, which is very helpful for smooth defecation. So, don't underestimate the common mung bean sprouts. Buy some to eat. How can they be delicious and effective?

[green bean sprouts with vinegar]


1. Wash mung bean sprouts, remove roots, blanch with boiling water until soft, remove and cool, control water and set aside, slice garlic.

2. Take a bowl, add sugar and vinegar to make sweet and sour juice.

3. Start the pot, add a little oil, put in the scallion, stir up the fragrance of scallion over low heat, fry the pepper together slowly, make the oil of scallion and pepper, take out the scallion and pepper and discard them.

4. Saute the garlic slices over high heat, pour in the bean sprouts and stir fry, pour in the sweet and sour juice, add salt and chicken essence and stir fry evenly.

2、 Oats

Oatmeal can increase intestinal motility and help maintain a healthy digestive system. Especially for defecation and prevention of constipation significant effect. If conditions permit, you can add zangling stachyose with hot skimmed milk every morning, and then add two to three teaspoons of oatmeal. Zangling stachyose can promote the growth of intestinal beneficial bacteria, improve the moisture retention of stool, promote the intestinal peristalsis in time, and push the stool. Oatmeal has a very good effect on improving the smoothness of defecation and clearing intestinal toxicity.

[fruit oat milk]


1. Make the oatmeal with half a cup of hot water. Peel the banana, slice and dice the apple.

2. Add oatmeal to milk and mix well, then add banana, zangling stachyose, apple, sprinkle with raisins.

3、 Broccoli

Eating more broccoli can help intestinal detoxification and self-healing, as well as remove the body can increase the risk of cancer Helicobacter pylori, but also strengthen the immune system. Broccoli is also an essential vitamin to prevent constipation. If you want to clear the intestines in spring, you can't forget broccoli.

[broccoli with minced garlic]


1. Clean the broccoli by hand. Don't throw away the broccoli stalks. Peel and cut them into pieces. Burn them together. Cut the carrots into thick strips and the garlic into minced garlic.

2. Put water in the pan, bring to a boil, add a little salt and vegetable oil, blanch broccoli and carrots for a few seconds, change color slightly, and remove immediately.

3. Put vegetable oil in the pot, 60% heat, add garlic stir fry, add broccoli and carrot stir fry, quickly cooked into water and salt, stir well.

4、 Spinach

As we all know, spinach is a kind of special green leafy vegetables, which is rich in flavonoids (a substance containing anti-cancer properties). It's good for your intestinal health. The advantage of eating more spinach is to help defecate, moisten the intestines, and promote the metabolism of the intestines.

Spinach soup

1. Steam preserved eggs and salted eggs for 15 minutes. After cooling, shell and dice them (preserved eggs are easier to cut after steaming). Rinse spinach and drain.

2. Heat up the oil in the frying pan, add ginger slices and saute until fragrant, then add preserved eggs and salted eggs and stir fry a few times.

3, add spinach into the pot, stir fry, add a little white pepper and salt, and stir fry chicken soup for 1 and a half minutes.