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Curie's left hand fracture, selfie, thank you for your concern

Original title: the dynasty collapsed after 6 games of Curie's left hand fracture

Four seas network news, yesterday's end of a game, the home battle of the warriors invincible sun. Warriors have a bad start to the season, with a 1-3 record!

I thought that the return of boxs and colistan would bring a victory, but they were 26 points behind the Suns at the end of half-time!

Even more worrying is that the core of the team is injured in the game!

In the third quarter, when the warriors were 29 points behind, he was caught by two suns before and after holding the ball and breaking through the inner line. After colliding with Baines, he lost his balance, and Curie injured his palms with two hands on the ground! Before leaving the game, Curie contributed 9 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds.

After the game, the warriors accompanied reporters to report the fracture of Curie's palm, which was later officially confirmed

According to ESPN reporter Ramona Shelburne, Curie will undergo CT scan, but the initial diagnosis is a fracture of the second metacarpal bone in the left hand.

It is worth mentioning that the warriors have injured Durant, clay and Curie in six games in the past five months.

KD broke his Achilles tendon in last season's finals G5, clay tore his anterior cruciate ligament in last season's finals G6, and today Curie has broken his left hand.

In the first four games of the season, 25 + was behind twice in half time! Another time, 30 + was behind once, 42 + was behind once! The team made mistakes in attack, and both ends of attack and defense collapsed completely! The warriors who have been in the finals for the past five consecutive years have gone forever, because the dynasty of injuries and injuries has collapsed!

After the game, Golden State coach Cole said: 'Baines came to find out what happened to Curie. He felt sorry. It was just an accidental round, so it happened.... '

Baines himself also talked about it. He said he wanted to make offensive fouls at that time and hoped he would recover soon!

After Kuri was injured, Beverly Dongchi and other social media prayed for him!

Today, Kuri put out a picture of bandage on his hands in INS, and added: 'thank you for your love, SMS and support. I will be back soon!'

I hope that Curie will recover soon and stay away from basketball loving players!