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How should chronic erosive gastritis be treated

When it comes to chronic erosive gastritis, a kind of gastrointestinal disease, most readers may feel strange on one hand, and on the other hand, they think it sounds very serious. Gastrointestinal diseases that we often talk about are not the names of certain diseases, but the diseases related to gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, there are many kinds of gastrointestinal diseases, which are divided according to the time of onset, symptoms and location of onset. So many gastrointestinal diseases that sound complicated will also be what we often call gastrointestinal diseases. Today's news editor will talk about how to treat chronic erosive gastritis.

Before talking about the treatment of chronic erosive gastritis, let's talk about some basic conditions of chronic erosive gastritis, otherwise many readers will be confused. The onset time of chronic erosive gastritis is generally more than two months, which is caused by the infection of some fine fungi and parasites in the stomach. These fine fungi and parasites will wantonly damage the stomach, causing gastric ulceration. Patients with chronic erosive gastritis suffer twice as much as patients with ordinary gastritis because of gastric ulceration.

The treatment of chronic erosive gastritis is more difficult, it can be said that almost all the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases are more difficult. Patients with chronic erosive gastritis can never eat more stimulating food, otherwise it will cause greater damage to the stomach. Greasy food is also inedible. Greasy food is difficult to digest, which will cause greater burden on the stomach. Patients with chronic erosive gastritis had better keep a light diet.

In order to solve chronic erosive gastritis, it is not enough to maintain a light diet, but also need to improve the imbalance of micro ecological environment, especially for friends with chronic gastrointestinal diseases, the proliferation of probiotics, inhibition of harmful bacteria, and gradually build a benign micro ecological environment. Therefore, it is very necessary to drink zangling stachyose. You can drink some yoghurt or eat zangling stachyose sooner or later. These are to provide food for beneficial bacteria in the body and inject new vitality into a better life.