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How should bowel sounds and bloating be treated

When it comes to the problems of intestines and stomach, many readers will have many things they don't understand, because intestines and stomach are delicate organs, which are easy to be injured. In our daily life and diet, we should pay attention to the maintenance of our very delicate intestines and stomach. Although many people know the importance of gastrointestinal health, but because they do not understand this knowledge, they will have some habits that are harmful to gastrointestinal health. In the long run, they will suffer from gastrointestinal diseases. Today's news editor will talk about how to treat stomach distension and bowel sounds.

Before talking about the treatment of bowel sounds and bloating, let's first understand the situation of bowel sounds. Bowel sounds is not a disease. It's a normal physiological reaction like farting and burping, but if it's too full, it's a loss. It's hard to hear bowel sounds under normal circumstances. If the sound of bowel sounds too loud, it's a problem. It's the same as belching. It's a normal physiological reaction to belch occasionally, but if the frequency of belching is too high, it's a physical problem.

So, how should stomach distension and bowel sounds be treated? When we eat, there will be gas into the stomach. When we talk, there will also be gas into the stomach. The symptom of bowel sounds is that there is a lot of gas in the stomach. In this case, the frequency of burping and farting will be very high, which will bring a lot of embarrassment to our life. To deal with stomach distension and bowel sounds, we should take some drugs to clean up the stomach, keep a light diet and maintain the health of the intestine.

Daily maintenance of intestinal flora is very important. Improving the balance of intestinal flora has a good effect on stomach distension and bowel sounds. Daily consumption of yogurt, probiotics or a bag of zangling stachyose in the morning and evening is to provide food for the beneficial bacteria in the body, promote the growth of the beneficial bacteria, help inhibit the activities of harmful bacteria such as Clostridium aerogenes, which is very beneficial to flatulence. Daily zangling stachyose can make a better life more energetic.