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How should ulcerative proctitis be treated

There are many gastrointestinal diseases. To put it simply, there are many kinds of diseases, such as gastritis, enteritis and colitis. If we subdivide them according to the specific location of the disease, it will be more. Although there are thousands of gastrointestinal diseases, the most terrible gastrointestinal diseases, in addition to cancerous ones, should be ulcerative ones. Ulcerative gastrointestinal diseases can make the stomach rot, and it is more difficult to treat. Today's news editor will talk about how to treat ulcerative proctitis.

Before talking about the treatment of ulcerative proctitis, let's talk about what ulcerative proctitis is, so that readers who don't understand the situation won't be confused. Ulcerative proctitis and general proctitis have many similar places, they are caused by rectal infection with some fine fungi or parasites, knowledge of ulcerative proctitis infection of fine fungi and parasites can make the rectum ulcerative rot.

The treatment of ulcerative proctitis is not so simple, we know that the intestinal tract is more delicate, can not use too strong drugs, otherwise not only can not treat the disease, but also harm the intestinal health, make the disease worse. General doctors will recommend patients with ulcerative proctitis to do a colonoscopy, to see the depth and area of intestinal ulceration, and then prescribe some recuperation drugs, slowly recuperate for about two months, you can see the effect.

The daily maintenance of ulcerative proctitis is very important. One of the important reasons for proctitis is the decrease of intestinal beneficial bacteria and the excessive growth of pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, the cultivation of beneficial bacteria in the body and make it dominant can fundamentally solve the problem. Pay attention to the balance of intestinal flora, daily drinking yogurt, probiotics or a bag of zangling stachyose in the morning and evening, all of which provide food for the beneficial flora in the body, promote the growth of beneficial flora, help inhibit the activities of harmful bacteria, and are very beneficial to ulcerative proctitis. Daily zangling stachyose can make a better life and more vitality.