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What symptom is bowel sounds how to treat?

When it comes to bowel sounds, some readers may think that this term is familiar, but if you seriously ask about the symptoms and methods of bowel sounds, you may open your mouth and stop talking. This shows that we still have some understanding of bowel sounds, but the understanding is not thorough enough. We only know some surface bits and pieces, and when others ask, we will feel that it is only meaningful and unspeakable. Today's news editor will talk about the symptoms and treatment of bowel sounds, so that we can have a thorough understanding of bowel sounds.

First of all, I would like to talk about the causes of bowel sounds. There are many groups of fine fungi in our intestines. There are two types of these groups. One is the beneficial group of fine fungi that can promote the vitality of the intestines, and the other is the group of fine fungi that does not do good. Generally, the number of these groups of fine fungi is very small. Only when there is an infection in the intestines, the harmful group of fine fungi There will be a sharp increase in the number of groups, and chemical reactions occur in the gut to release gas, causing bowel sounds.

The gas accumulation in the intestines and stomach of patients with bowel sounds causes abdominal distension, and the accumulation of gas affects the digestive ability of the intestines and stomach, so patients with bowel sounds will have abdominal distension, abdominal pain and dyspepsia. Bowel sounds is relatively easy, as long as the intestinal tract of harmful fine fungi timely cleaning is enough.

Avoid smoking and drinking, abdominal massage after meals, walking, etc., prohibit strenuous exercise, do not stay up late, pay attention to keep the stomach warm. Intestinal flora imbalance is one of the causes of various gastrointestinal diseases. If you want to promote digestion, regulate the intestinal tract and regulate the gastrointestinal microecology, it is very important to supplement some microecological agents to help you improve the intestinal flora. Through the daily consumption of yoghurt or probiotics and prebiotics, we can eat zangling stachyose in the morning and evening when feeding the beneficial bacteria. These are to provide food for the beneficial bacteria in the body, which can inhibit the harmful bacteria, eliminate their harm to the gastrointestinal tract, and improve the gastrointestinal function.