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Can eat Chinese traditional medicine to treat defecate not to form?

Traditional Chinese medicine has a long and profound history and rich cultural heritage. Many Chinese people believe in traditional Chinese medicine unconditionally. If they have any problems, they will go to traditional Chinese medicine. They reject western medicine. They would rather go to a traditional Chinese medicine store to buy medicine than go to a hospital. We can't deny that traditional Chinese medicine does have its unique place, but we can't deny western medicine just because we are sure of traditional Chinese medicine. We should take the advantages of both and combine them to treat diseases. We should also choose according to the actual situation of our own diseases. Today's news editor is going to talk with you about whether taking traditional Chinese medicine can treat stool deformity?

First of all, let's talk about the situation of irregular defecation. Irregular defecation is a kind of abnormal defecation. The stool discharged by a person with healthy stomach and diet is generally a smooth cylinder with no cracks on the surface and moderate moisture content. Constipation patients discharge stool will have a more solid shape, because constipation patients discharge stool will generally be harder, darker, less water content. The reason why the stool is not formed is that there is too much water in the stool, which indicates that there is something wrong with the large intestine, which is responsible for absorbing water from food residues.

Next, let's talk about taking traditional Chinese medicine to treat the problem of irregular stool. Many diseases require us to take traditional Chinese medicine to recuperate, but this is generally aimed at diseases that damage the body. Stool is not formed because the large intestine is infected with bacteria. Instead of using traditional Chinese medicine, we should use some food to clean the intestine, such as a bag of zangling stachyose sooner or later.

Remind friends with bad stomach, avoid spicy food, avoid alcohol and tobacco, abdominal massage after meals, walking, etc., prohibit strenuous exercise, do not stay up late, pay attention to keep the stomach warm. To promote digestion and regulate the intestinal tract, you can supplement some microecological agents to help you improve the intestinal flora. However, in order to make these beneficial bacteria stable and lasting, we need to take zangling stachyose daily to help us. All of these are to provide food for the beneficial bacteria in the body, regulate the balance of intestinal flora and the internal environment of intestines and stomach, make good intestines and stomach, digest well, and inject new vitality into a better life.