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Here is the treatment for ulcerative colitis

When it comes to ulcerative colitis, what comes to mind first? Ulceration is a major name in this sentence, which is ulceration. Many people will confuse ulceration with ulceration. Although the names of ulceration and ulceration are very similar, it does not mean that they can be equated. The severity of ulceration is much higher than that of ulcer, but if ulcerative colitis is not timely, the ulcer may develop into ulceration. We should treat it immediately when we find ourselves suffering from ulcerative colitis, so as not to make the disease worse.

So, what's the matter with ulcerative colitis? Ulcerative colitis is a very specific statement. In fact, ulcerative colitis is generally classified as enteritis. Ulcerative colitis and all enteritis disease causes are the same, are caused by infection, infection generally has two kinds of situations, one is because of their own drug infection caused by random medication, there is a kind of food infection caused by random eating.

Drug infection is relatively rare, diet infection is a very common situation, however, whether it is drug infection or diet infection, the solution is similar, since it is caused by the infection of fine fungi, the solution should start from dealing with these fine fungi, if you directly use a relatively strong drug to deal with the fine fungi, although it can play a role, it is not good for your own health It's also harmful to your health. It's better to choose a mild diet of zangling stachyose.

If you have a bad stomach, it's very good to supplement yoghurt, probiotics or prebiotics, such as zangling stachyose. You can supplement more food for probiotics in your body, and you can have zangling stachyose everyday to make your life more energetic.